What’s your addiction?

What’s your addiction? 
Food. Sex. Drugs. Shopping. Facebook. Caffeine. I am familiar with them all.
Seems as if almost all of my clients have suffered from one form of addiction or another. That’s what brought me to my Shamanic work and to the plant medicines. I’ve been sober now since 2011.
How can you release addiction?
Recently, I had a huge breakthrough with a client, one of the issues she has with herself is being overweight.
As we dive deeper into her family history, we are discovering that her core wound is a story of “needing to hide”. Her family instead of dealing with emotions, had a tendency to escape, hide and shuffle everything challenging under the rug.
Our breakthrough is that she is also hiding beneath her skin, beneath the weight.
In her family they did not express emotions. In fact, they rarely said, “I love you.”  The only way they spent time was around a table with food. She said, “I think food was family.”
Thus, food became her and her family’s way of relating and food was the addiction to hiding from themselves and their emotions.

I looked up the word “addiction” on Psychology Today and found this quote rather fascinating:

“…most addictive behavior is not related to either physical tolerance or exposure to cues. People commonly use drugs, gamble, or shop compulsively in reaction to being stressed, whether or not they have a physical addiction. Since these psychologically based addictions are not based on drug or brain effects, they can account for why people frequently switch addictive actions from one drug to a completely different kind of drug, or even to a non-drug behavior. The focus of the addiction isn’t what matters; it’s the need to take action under certain kinds of stress.”

Some addiction is chemical dependency, but interesting to recognize that most of our society lives under the imprint of stress, so no wonder why we are all addicted at some level or another to these non-drug behaviors.

What if we could unplug and remove the stress?

My client and I are working on creating great habits that she can use as her go to’s whenever she’s in a state of overwhelm, triggered or emotional and wants to reach for food or hide beneath the stress.
As she has been managing her stress and meditating almost daily, she’s not only feeling way better, she’s loving herself more, making huge shifts in her life and releasing tons of judgement.  She’s totally on fire.
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Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit

  • Gracefully put yourself first
  • Practice radical self love
  • Free your authentic voice
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create inspired actions 

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