Are you sick of being too busy?

“I’m just too busy!”, Linda says in a state of overwhelm.

“That’s your problem”, I tell Linda.

That usually catches her Ego’s attention. 😉

To me, this statement means, “I don’t have control over my choices. I’m in a state of overwhelm.”

Or this story says, “I don’t deserve help”, “I don’t choose support” , “I don’t choose me”, or “I’m alone.”

It’s also a great excuse for procrastination, avoidance, or over-commitment instead of a clear, “No, I’m choosing me today!”

What does this sentence mean to you?

If you are happily “full” and you love what you are doing, turn the statement to “I’m wildly abundant”, so the Universe can hear your enthusiasm!!!! 😉

It seems like almost everyone I have worked with in my Shamanic Healing Arts coaching program is suffering from overwhelm or anxiety.

How this shows up externally for some people is overworking, isolation, not prioritizing themselves or their needs, or half-assing it.

Can you relate to this feeling of separation from the Self, and community – the very things that keep us in union, in love and in relationship to the Universe?

Believe me I get it!!!  This was a struggle for me.  When I had these types of thought patterns running in the background it was hard to create and envision the loving, joy-filled, abundant life that I imagined for myself.

I didn’t like this struggle and unease.

I didn’t like my subconscious programming running behind the scenes. This is a LOW frequency to be running!

Now that I know this story well enough, I can see when it pops up!

It says to me…

  • You are out of integrity with your self-care practices – use your tools STAT!
  • You are over-commited because you didn’t honor your “NO!” – be AUTHENTIC!
  • You are in a STORY about not deserving what’s coming through flow.
  • Your scarcity consciousness is creeping in – FLIP THE SWITCH!

I don’t want you to have to struggle as much as I have!

I’ve offered great results to my healing clients for a decade.

I have worked with hundreds of clients.

What if you could learn ways to close the gap on these unhealthy patterns that were taught to you as a child?

What if you could have a toolbox that could help you manage them better?

What if you could learn ways to quickly change the story?

What if you could be wildly abundant and thankful for it?

I help the “spiritualpreneur” woman heal her subconscious programming, access her highest vision, unleash her priestess power and create actionable results!

You can step forward for real change

Or not.

Hop on a quick 15 min free call with me, if you wish to help yourself.

✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your
passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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