Behind our Obstacle is a Shadow Story of Desire

Last month’s video blog asked you to create intentions for the New Year and I shared my 2014 intentions with you as well. How are you doing with this process and are you still on the path?

If you have hit some road blocks, like me, guess what?

You still have work to do. Yeah for us! Meet these challenges and get interested enough to change your patterns and create a new story. This really is the fun part of creation.

Without judgement, give yourself permission to process the obstacles and go deep within to work with the powerful, Divine energy we have access to at all times.

The platform for this month’s video is this quote by David Krueger, M.D., from my Yoga 2 Life Coach Training Program.

“Every story of an obstacle has a shadow story of desire. The obstacle contains, yet conceals, the desire. What you seek is camouflaged in what you fear. The secret hiding in the open is that an obstacle is the unconscious mnemonic of desire – it reminds you of what you want, but makes it safe to want if you’re afraid.” ~ by David Krueger, M.D

In my last video, I told you that my main

intention for this year is to live more fully from my heart and in that to find the miracles in all things.

As I say this

I am running up against road blocks in terms of being present to show up in this way due to being “too busy” and my back just went out.

I haven’t had one day off since New Year’s Eve. Interesting right? Thank you Universe for pointing out my patterns of resistance, my obstacle and my hidden desires.

Can I live fully in my heart and be too busy at the same time?

Do these carry the same vibrations? How does being too busy make me feel? Do I feel like I’m living fully from my heart and finding miracles?

I offer empowerment workshops teaching people how to see through their negativity, their language patterns, and move into their desires AND now it is time to share my tools and show you how I can start to clear myself!

In this video I break down this quote into pieces and I really discovered some PROFOUND things:

First round of discovery (in the video)
Obstacle = Too busy (this language is dis-empowering, as if we have no control, change this to abundance and bring back control of your schedule)
Desire = Abundance without having to do so much; Just being
Fear = This is lazy and I’m not deserving of easy abundance(ah ha moment, as we say in coaching, and my shift of perspective)

Going one level deeper (not yet discovered in the video)
= True connection and deep intimacy with people
Fear = Vulnerability; Getting my heart broken; Am I worthy?
Obstacle = “too busy” shields me from my fears

What I truly want is true connection and deep intimacy with myself and others and that requires my full attention, presence, time and space!Can I live more fully from my heart and in that to find the miracles in all things when I experience true connection and deep intimacy with myself and others?

I’d say so!!! Rock on Hanuman! Having fun doing the work.

Our intrinsic value: HUMAN BEING not HUMAN DOING!

Sending you infinite love and light as this journey of awakening unfolds,

✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your
passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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