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7 Keys to Actualizing Your Spiritual Business Visions!

As a spiritual entrepreneur, I bet you have a deep desire to actualize your visions through clarity, alignment, and focused intention.

Yet sometimes you get bogged down in the details and get overwhelmed. Have you ever sat down to write, make a video, or a post and instead find yourself scrolling Facebook, distracted and eating chocolate? Do you feel confused and indecisive on your path or unclear of your purpose?

As a female soulpreneur your energy, emotions, body, mind and spirituality DIRECTLY impact the success of your business.

WHO you are BEING is just as important as WHAT you are DOING (if not more).

You are a magnetic energetic being.

If you are feeling unclear and indecisive that is showing up in your business as doubt, needs for external validation, and sabotage.

I love to teach women how to view their shadow work through the development of the chakra system, because this is where all the limiting beliefs, emotions and blocks in our system are that affect the whole of our being.

I will teach you how to study your physical body, energy, emotions, and unconscious and conscious thoughts through this architecture to get back into balance.

The chakra system is like a pulley system. If one is out of balance, you need to readjust the whole.

So let’s say in this case, you are in doubt, overwhelm and anxiety which is making you feel fear, confusion and lack of focus.

1-  First, you need to get grounded to override the overwhelm. Breathe. Connect to the Earth.

2 – Then tune in and listen to your feminine womb wisdom. Feel into your creative center. Speak to your womb, and ask her who you need to be in efforts to attract what it is you want. Tap into your seat of desire and inner essence.

3 – Pull your desire up to your solar plexus. Harness your energy and overcome your inertia, so you can connect with your power center of enthusiasm, will and vitality. Where your gifts and talents reside.

4 – Once you feel your confidence and can access your energy, you can move into the heart of your service. Here, you have the opportunity to connect with WHY you are serving your tribe. Really feel it and be it.

5 – Now connect to your voice, your authentic truth and your vibe.

6 – Access your intuition, meditation and clarity of purpose.

7 – Connect with the Cosmic Divine Guidance….AND THEN BRING IT ALL DOWN INTO THE BODY to manifest it.

YES!  You are now fully plugged into the matrix as a CLEAR CHANNEL.

I wish it were as easy as stated above.

There is a lot more to this than this brief description as you are a multi-dimensional, multi-facted, multi-layered energetic system. 😉  This could take a few months of teachings, implementation, tools and integration, but you get the idea.

When you are creating from a grounded, connected and deeply soulful place confusion and overwhelm are gone and you have unleashed your creativity, confidence and clarity.

From here, you can take INSPIRED ACTIONS.

In my “Unleash the Priestess Within Program” I empower you to understand your shadow work so you align with your creative power, activate your soul’s purpose and make a bigger impact in the world.

I teach you how to powerfully and gracefully put yourself first and practice radical self-love so you have the energy, momentum and focus to serve from a more conscious place with confidence and clarity of purpose.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a quick 15 min chat!


The Healing Power of Shamanic Drum Journeying

Dr. Michael Harner, the author of The Way of the Shaman, was an anthropologist that revived shamanic drum journeying as a practice in the West.  In this studies, he found that this practice was common to all shamans and cultures throughout history. He knew it was an important and potent practice and believed that anyone could practice this to create healing for themselves.

In traditional shamanic drum journeys, the shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness to journey to what’s called “non-ordinary” states of reality to retrieve information from spirit allies for healing.  Even if you are not a shaman you can still begin practicing entering non-ordinary states of reality and connecting with the Divine.  That is your birthright.

As a Yogi on a spiritual path of self-realization, when I was introduced to this practice it felt so beautifully aligned with my own meditation, coaching and visualization practices.  It’s my belief that we enter these altered states of reality using our imagination to connect to the Divine any time we meditate. Of course, as we are more practiced with meditation, energy work and other healing modalities we get deeper and more connected to these non-ordinary states.

In Shamanic journeys, a drum beat, rattle or another form of a click track are used to focus and relax the mind to an alpha or theta state.   When you are in this state the imagination can soar beyond into the non-ordinary realms, parallel universes and dimensions beyond space and time.

When you journey you are opening yourself up to connection with all living things on this planet Earth and other realms beyond what you know here. It’s a practice that reminds us of our infinite potentiality.  There is a sense of wholeness that returns in this remembrance as well as empowerment that comes from this.

In my experiences with Shamanic drum journeys I’ve recognized how its opened up my intuition as well as heightened other senses.  For example, if you are a visual person in your daily life, you may not see visuals in your journeys because that’s your dominant sensory input. You may start to experience an awakening and deepening in your listening or felt sense in your body.  This helps you become a stronger communicator.

The Shamanic drum journey has many healing benefits.  This practice is used to address 3 forms of illness in the Shamanic view:

1 – Loss of Power

2 – Loss of Soul Essence

3 – Blockages or negative energy taken on through the loss of power or soul essence.

When we travel to these other dimensions – called the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds – we can address these different forms of illness based on what spirit allies we connect with.

Typically we go to the Lower world first to retrieve power animals that can help us feel that innate power again and to reconnect with Nature spirits.  We can travel to the Middle World to address this physical dimension and communicate with the those that live in our present reality for healing.  And the Upper World is the ethereal world in which we can connect with guardian spirits, teachers in human form.

Some Other Benefits of Shamanic Drum Journeying:

  • Reclaim your power and soul essence.
  • Release negative thought patterns and reprogram your narratives.
  • Quick and direct access to Divine Spiritual Guidance.
  • Create transformation for yourself, others and the planet.
  • Experience harmony, balance and wake up to your highest potential.
  • Connect to the Natural worlds of plants, animals, trees and other aspects of the living realms.
  • Remembrance that everything in life has a Spirit.
  • Increase your intuition, senses and ability to communicate.

How do you start to practice shamanic drum journeys?

With any Shamanic Journey you want to start with an intention and move into a question that you wish to address within these realms.

There are drum tracks you can find online to start practicing. Sandra Ingerman has a beautiful book called “Shamanic Journeying” a beginners guide that includes a CD for practice.

You may also find Shamanic practitioners around your local area that guide these practices and local workshops.

As always, if you need any guidance or have any questions feel free to reach out.

Coming up April 10 – 12, 2020 in Mount Shasta, the Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat is offering a Shamanic Healing + Freedom Breathwork Retreat weekend which includes Shamanic teachings in: Realms and Worlds; Causes of Sickness; Chord Cutting; Energy Extractions; Shamanic Journeying; Rituals and Altars; Sacred Spaces; Despacho Ceremonies; Mesa Building.

Blessings on your journeys,



I’m Feeling Lit Up in My Essence

Here in this moment I’m ready to claim: THE RIGHT TO BE MYSELF!  It’s the energy that’s coalescing in the collective. Ladies, are you feeling this too? Are you ready to give yourself permission?

My Divine ESSENCE is being re-activated and I’m feeling lit up. 😉

I’m all about energy and going deep into the architecture of the chakra system.  In fact, the subtle body is my absolutely favorite place to hang out and get nerdy. 😉

Just for the record, your divine essence is your second chakra, also known as the Seat of Your Self.  It’s your desire map. Svadhistana translates to “sweetness or abode”. Your womb is your uniquely architected Divine temple.

I’ve had this deep purging and releasing of the old matrix in my body happening for a while, but right now I’m so present to full surrender.  My Sacral Chakra has a deep yearning to let God, let Love and let Flow.  I’m allowing ease and grace to be very present.

Growing up in a Catholic household, I shamed myself, my body and my sex for too long. Thankfully, I have tossed those old lenses out along with the societal programming around the way things “should” be in areas like relationship and motherhood. I’ve recently and boldly stepped into whole new level of loving kindness and relationship with Christ Consciousness and the Divine that feels so intimate, supportive and unifying.

As an empowered awakened woman in this now, I’m also feeling a deep resonance with my Aquarian energy that calls bullshit on all of those outdated modes of separation, lack consciousness and ego battles of right and wrong.

I am tasting the creativity, desire, pleasure and bliss in my vortex re-align and re-awaken. I’m feeling a burst of magic coming from my deep with my womb.

I’m feeling a full tilt lean into Truth and Light. I want to leave all my protective armor on the battlefield and dance with my heart and soul into Unconditional Love.

How did I find this power again?

Well, recently I recalled the top moments in my life when I have felt absolutely lit up.

These are the moments that remind me what a gift it is to be Human and FEEL.  These  moments when my Kundalini Life Force expressed itself wholly and fully in my body. I loved these moments when I felt completely in my power, connected to Source and living truly in my Divine essence.  When I felt truly me and truly FREE.

I bring myself now to the word embodiment. Your Divine essence is within your body! Get in there and feel it sister.

In these moments I was in (and truly feeling) my body –  full senses activated.

For me, these moments have been traveling tropical islands, dancing on stages, flowing with water, singing my heart out in song circles, creating music and writing, having exquisite lovemaking sessions, going wild at festivals like Burning Man and my son’s first breath on my bare chest.  These were moments I was all WOMBYN – hear me ROAR. In these moments, I gave myself full permission to be ME.

In these moments I felt like time stopped. Divine Love, Truth and Light poured through my whole body and heart.

These were the moments I put aside any thoughts of rejection, failure, and not enough-ness.

These were moments of electricity.  In them, I was in my highest potential of Being-ness and in my Creative Genius. These were moments of transformation, empowerment, ascension, and pure magic.

In these moments I am the light. I am my living, sharing and being my gifts. I’m joyous, excitable, aligned, connected, soulful, fierce, radiant, graceful and LOVE.

It feels amazing to be connecting to this sacral energy again.

I invite you to think of your top moments when you were fired up and feeling amazing.  Write them down, feel them, describe them, meditate and dance with them.

Get connected to your beloved womb wisdom beloveds.  Move your body, breathe, play, dance, and get your energy activated.

Raise your vibration and claim your RIGHT TO BE YOU!

I have 2 spaces open for my 1:1 soulmate clients to start this February 2020.  If you’re ready to drop your guilt, shame and sexual narratives that keep you out of love, contact me and let’s get you connected to your essence.






5 Keys to Heart-Centered Business Success

I’ve developed 5 keys to heart-centered business success. As a spiritually based entrepreneur, it goes without saying that being authentically you is the foundation of your success. You need to be YOU. You need to know your “why”, who you are here on earth to serve, and what your solution is for your ideal client. These tools below will support your heart-centered path.

1. Devotional Intention

The word devotion is defined as “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” These words create a feeling of passion, desire and heart-centered awareness. It says that whatever you are committing to you have deep feelings and emotions for which creates a strong desire to stay the course.

As an example, if you are trying to quit a bad habit being committed can be difficult. Yet, what if you focus on a devotional intention to love yourself instead of focusing on the bad habit you are trying to change?

What if you focus with enthusiasm on treating yourself with love and loyalty and with heart-centered awareness? This could shift your perspective and help you commit to change.

Set your next intentions and commitments for what you want to achieve with devotional energy.

2. Non-Judgmental Accountability

If you want people in your life to take ownership, then as a leader in your community you have to be seen taking ownership of yourself. When you make commitments you need to meet them. You must walk the talk and be responsible for your actions.

As an empowerment coach, the best way for me to have my clients accept accountability is to set them up to be successful and to support them in ownership of their own narratives. I need to help my clients see that their narratives have impact not only on them, but all those around them too.

You must practice with as much neutrality and non-judgment as possible to see other people’s perspectives so you can make mental and emotional shifts.

This requires the practice non-judgment so you don’t end up in guilt, shame or doubt when challenges arise. You need to see challenges as opportunities for devotional intention and commitment.

3. Embodied Learning

If you wish to create heart-centered and sustainable change in your life and work, you need to use all your senses. Yoga talks of our sensory mind, manas, as a very powerful part of our intellect.

To create real tangible and embodied change you need to engage with all of your senses to access your stuck emotions, old patterns, and blocks that prevent you from your confidence and power.

As a human, you learn through your ears, eyes, smell, taste, and movement. Somatic sensing helps to elicit buried emotions that are trapped in the body. By experiencing the sensations of a particular memory you can process the energy and emotions that have not yet been fully addressed.

By engaging with tools like guided meditations, breathwork, movement, journaling, mirror work and more, you can re-enact the experiences of the past, clear them, and create new narratives in their place.

This helps you to be more present in your body and your heart.

4. Discipline

Discipline is a consistent routine done with devotional intention.

I learned this from the Yoga Sutras. It is taught in these sacred texts that to gain results one must be consistent and practice with enthusiasm for a long period of time. To be consistent is to create a routine that feels in alignment with your body, mind and soul.

Discipline does not have to feel scary and be filled with resistance. Create routines in your life and business that feel good and then challenge them to be a bit outside your comfort zone. It doesn’t mean you will always want to do your practice, but you do not have to commit to things that aren’t bringing you fulfillment.

Find ways to make changes in your life and business that bring you joy.

5. Take Action with Smart Goals

As human beings we love to talk about our problems and what we are going to do about them in the future.

I find this fascinating as a coach. I often here the phrase, “yes I’m going to do that.” And I always say, “Great. When?” Then all the excuses about why it can’t happen now appear. Humans are great at procrastinating for all sorts of reasons.

Let me tell you. Absolutely nothing happens if you don’t take action steps.

This is why I love SMART goals. These are specific, measurable, achievable and timely goals that are created in the present. Take anything you wish to see happen in the future and start to reverse engineer it to the NOW. You will be able create and manifest what you desire by taking small, achievable actionable steps. No more excuses.

As mentioned earlier, the key to your success is your authenticity. As a soulpreneur, remember that supporting YOUR talent is paramount to your success. The more you support your gifts (treat them like the ‘star’ of the show), the more you will flourish. Practice self-love and self-care and watch your life magnetize what you desire.


Money Excuses. Aren’t You Done Blaming Money?

I don’t like to blame money for my challenges.

I do not like to use money as an excuse to not get my needs met.

I especially am aware of my money excuse when I get an opportunity that launches me outside of my comfort zone.

How do you know if you are using money as an excuse to tap out of shining your light.

“I remember saying to my mentor, ‘If I had more money, I would have a better plan.’ He quickly responded, ‘I would suggest that if you had a better plan, you would have more money.’ You see, it’s not the amount that counts; it’s the plan that counts.” – Jim Rohn

You may recognize you are in a money story when your subconscious says things like:

“I’m not good enough to deserve that.”
“That scares the sh*t out of me.”
“No one will want my service.”
“I can’t do that, I don’t have enough skills or certifications.”
“Everyone else is better than I am. I am not good enough.”
“I’m in service to others, I don’t need money.”
“Money is bad.”

Money is an exchange of energy.

You place the charge and the narratives on it. Good or bad.

Your relationship with money is related to your shadow stories as much as anything else.

Money can be an excuse to not commit to your own healing.

Money is an excuse to not step into your power.

Your economic security does not lie in your job; it lies in your own power to produce – to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That’s true financial independence. It’s not having wealth; it’s having the power to produce wealth. – Stephen Covey

Do you know that money will go up, down, left, right, and completely sideways? Like all energy it is mutable and ephemeral.

Money is a great exercise in learning to trust yourself and life. It’s an opportunity to surrender.

Money represents how much you value yourself, what you believe you deserve, and what your priorities are in life.

So the next time you go to say, “I don’t have the money.” be honest with yourself and your voice! Is that really true?

Might you rather say, “I don’t value this”, or “this is not important to me right now”, or “Actually I realize I don’t believe in myself.”

Don’t blame money.


If you are ready to change your money mindset and bring about true inner wealth, feel free to ping me.

BEWARE, you need to be ready for immediate shifts in your prosperity! Book your Priestess Power Session now.