Dear Love, You Win!

Dear Love,

OK. You win! I’ve been fighting you for a while.  I realize I’ve been making up stories about You. I was focused on who wasn’t in Love with me, why I was not loveable, and why I was not worthy of You.  I’m not sure why anyone would take these steps to block You. I think I was in fear of Your power. I think I was fearful that Your power was in me.  That I could be You and You could be me! Love, guess what?

You totally win!

My vows to you Love:

I promise to bring You into my heart more fully in all moments.

I promise to bathe in your warm light.

I promise to pray for your guidance in all my relationships.

I promise to forgive myself swiftly when I forget You.

I promise to remember You more and more each day.

I promise to live my life with You in it, even when I’m challenged.

I promise to remember that you are always giving to me even if I don’t understand the ‘why’ of the moment.

I promise to guide my students from You and with You.

I promise to see myself as You.

I promise to embrace You whenever I share my gifts and talents.

I promise to sing with You and for You.

I am You and You are me and together we are One.

How do you practice Self-Love?

Self-Love is the most important game in town. There is no other game. This human experience is a “Cosmic Joke” —  a game to recognize Who We Truly Are. Please stop blaming, victimizing and telling yourself that you are not Worthy of Love. It’s simply not true.  These stories are obstacles created by the Mind and the Ego to keep you in the Game. We are all playing roles as mirrors to one another to reflect and remind each other that we are Love.  You can keep playing the game over lifetimes, or you can triumph over your perceived limitations and be and act in Love now. Dedicate your heart to Love.  Once you understand how to love yourself and you understand how to fill your cup, then you can share it!

What are some activities that you practice to fill your cup?

Here are some my favorite self-love practices:

  • Meditation/Prayer – Whenever I can. 5 min – 45 min. Sit. Be still and charge up with God’s love!
  • Yoga – I am practicing Kundalini Yoga these days, a highly Spiritual practice that involves meditation, breathwork and movement.
  • Bhakti Yoga Shala Monday Night Kirtan. I go weekly to chant to God for 2 hours and be in the “Bhav”.  Bhakti is the practice and art of Devotion to God.
  • Walking the Beach – I connect to the Earth and pray with gratitude to God for the beauty that we have the privilege of seeing.

What are some activities you do to share your love?

Here are some of my favorite “love-sharing” practices:

  • Creating – Creating is allowing the flow of the Creator to come through you and create Love.  Writing, singing, drawing and dancing are my forms of creation that I love to share with others!  (Thank you Artist’s Way for this profound teaching!)
  • Being of Service – I give love every day in some way through the acts that I do daily whether it be teaching, healing or giving smiles when I walk down the street.
  • Hugging – I love to hug people ‘heart to heart’ and give them a good dose of Love daily.
  • Facebook Wall Postings – My goal is to offer some sort of Love to You, my community, that inspires and enriches Your life.

Please feel free to comment and share what it is that inspires you, what you are doing to create more self-love and how you love to share your love!

✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your
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