How can I forgive?

“How can I forgive this?”
That was something I have said to myself over and over again.
There are some things that have happened to me that seem irreparable, yet I have been able to forgive.
What I have learned over the years, is that you can’t change the past, but you can change your mind about it now in the present. 
How do you do that?
It’s become part of my life’s work and what I love to share with my clients.
Deepak Chopra helped me with this one a while ago when I was going through a breakup. He said, “Forgiveness is for me. Forgiveness sets you free.” 
The thing is, people make decisions based on their needs and their level of awareness at the time of an event.  That doesn’t always mean that its the best for you. Things can be unexpected.
Yet, if you hold on to these feelings of resentment from the past, you are just punishing yourself in the present.  The person that you are not forgiving isn’t walking around being punished by you because of your feelings, that’s happening to you.
Old stories formulate emotions. If they aren’t released and forgiven, then they can remain trapped in your mind-body system.  Each time the mind relives these stories, those same feelings can be elicited.  If we don’t release them, and forgive them, the negative beliefs can form “dis-ease” or disease in our bodies.
So why not give it up and let it go?
The best thing I’ve found about my forgiveness process is that when no stone is left unturned, you have so much freed up energy and no one to hide from. There is only beauty left in your life, friendships and love.
Rest assured the final say is with karma and God.
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Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



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