My mom drives me crazy.

“My mom drives me crazy!”
How many times have you said this to yourself?
As a new mom, I cringe at the thought of my son saying this about me, but the fact is mom’s push our buttons.
And the other fact is, children push ours.
I don’t know a single person that I see in my healing & coaching practice that hasn’t had issues with their parents.
Isn’t that the Divine design really?
I believe that we choose our parents.  We chose a particular point in time and space to incarnate upon the planet.  And as karma would have it, your mom and dad were two people that you knew could offer you the lessons that would evolve your soul.
But we forget this.
You will spend a lot of time blaming and accusing your parents for all your stuff.
The point is this, just like coaching, the Universe can’t just give you the answers, or you don’t embody and learn the lessons. So you need to live it so you can be empowered.
Isn’t that brilliant?
God’s the ultimate life coach!
In Monday’s note I mentioned that we are programmed in our early years. We create belief systems about ourselves, then we create evidence, or experiences, that match what we think about ourselves to corroborate our stories.
What are your parents still doing to you? 😉 What do you need to forgive and move past so you can live your life? What stories do you hold on to from the past?
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