How to rise above fear into courage + action!

I’m all about rising above fear!!!!

Yet it is a real challenge when you feel unsafe in the world.

This is a story about what I have learned about safety vs control and how you can shift into hope and courage!

Your primary relationship to safety in energy medicine is related to your first chakra – in-utero conditions, birth and how secure your environment is in your first 2 years on this planet. And, what’s often overlooked, through the shamanic + yogic lens is your lineage stories and your karma.

A healthy root chakra is trust, safety, support and connection to the Earth and Mother.

Here is my personal story as relates to my understanding of this and my current clients.

My Story

I know personally I had a lot of fear come up during my pregnancy from a past life experience of dying while giving birth. Additionally, my mom had a very fear-based birth and in my early years she suffered from not feeling supported.

Additionally, my sexual trauma experiences became more exposed which compounded the feelings of not feeling safe in my body or in my life. A perfect storm + a beautiful cauldron for learning!

As I approach everything as teachers, I did an enormous amount of work on myself through yoga, kundalini, intuitive healing and plant medicines to get to a place of having a doula, midwife and a natural birth (almost, I got to 9 centimeters and then my herniated discs kicked my butt.)

This entire experience led me so much more deeply into the understanding of the connection between body-energy-mind-emotions, to a level that helped me become a trauma-informed intuitive healer and empowerment coach for women.

What I recognized

What I recognized in my own life and with most of my clients now is that feeling unsafe shows up as control (a form of protection). If you can control your environment, risks, and the odds of anyone getting hurt (because you were so hurt) then you can feel safe.

In controlling everything, you learn how to manage your chaos inside. Yet you also start to rescue others from themselves and their potential pain. This is a no win situation whereby you deplete yourself, overstep your boundaries, lose yourself and resent others for it.

In controlling, you also lock yourself out of intimacy, vulnerability, and life’s magic. Because of your wounding you are not comfortable in opening yourself up to more pain, so you will remain rigid and in control and not be as flexible and adaptable as you can be.

Ultimately you don’t trust yourself, others or the Divine.

Sound familiar?


There is hope.

You can create a choice to move from fear into courage. You can create actions and possibilities from a place of healing and awareness.

I have found so many ways to create and shift these experiences through incredible practices through ancient and new age wisdom.

These self-care practices and disciplines can completely turn your life around and I am happy to teach them to anyone who resonates with wanting to trust and feel safe in the world.

It would be my honor!

This post was inspired by my client Margaret who wrote this to me.


“My biggest takeaway from your “Unleash the Priestess and Thrive” 12-week program is that I can make choices out of strength versus operating in fear.

I realized through this program and the healing work that I was unable to name and acknowledge what wasn’t working in a few areas of my life.

I was not linking my current inactions with the fear and old belief systems that stemmed from my childhood.

For me the healing work like the womb healing and chord cutting helped me to release stuck emotions, shift my awareness and move me beyond these realizations to take actions based on courage and awareness.

I describe this as actionable therapy. This has been a very healing journey for me that will continue to create many more changes in my life. Thank you!!!!” ~Margaret

Find out how you can shift and feel safe in the world!  Set up “The Priestess Power Plan” 1 hour free strategy session.  It’s time to connect and actualize your visions from a place of trust!

✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your
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