Integration Breathwork Facilitator Certification Program

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Empowering Healing Arts Professionals: Create Deeper Transformation, Sustainable Client Results and More Impact!

Join our 4-day LIVE Immersion In-Person Training & Healing Arts Mentorship!

There’s a Deeper Level of Client Transformation Possible.

–As a healer, coach, yoga teacher or therapist, you are enriching your clients’ lives. Yet, you sense a deeper level of transformation that you’d like to offer your clients. You are seeking a tool for more rapid, profound, and lasting impact.

–You have heard that you can unlock altered states of consciousness through breath, enabling profound insights to address root causes of blockages in the subconscious mind for significant, lasting change, moving beyond symptom management.

–You may lack integration tools that bridge your clients’ immediate experiences with long-term healing, leaving you searching for a program that offers genuine coaching, business skills and mentorship leading to sustainable results amplifying your impact and income.

What you desire is not just another technique, but a comprehensive mentorship that deepens your practice, connects you with a like-minded community, and is led by a seasoned mentor who understands the intricacies of transformational work.

Your path to becoming a transformational leader in your field involves integrating ancient wisdom with modern strategies, ensuring your clients achieve sustainable healing and growth.

–Imagine a healing practice where you have the CONFIDENCE and SKILLS that every session you conduct leaves a lasting impact on your clients.

–Imagine your calendar booked with clients who seek the DEPTH and TRANSFORMATION you offer, because you have breathwork and INTEGRATIVE COACHING skills.

–Imagine creating RAPID, SUSTAINABLE transformations, elevating your clients’ lives and, in turn, BOOSTING your REFERRALS and INCOME.

Imagine achieving all this confidence and growth:

–Without sacrificing your personal integrity or resorting to passive online learning  courses that offer no real interaction, feedback, or mentorship

–Without fear that you don’t know how to integrate the emotional catharsis or trauma that’s arising or  how to create ongoing shifts for your clients.

–Without feeling isolated or overwhelmed by the the challenges of building and sustaining a practice in the competitive healing arts industry.

Be a part of a community of healing arts professionals, where support and shared success are everyday realities.

Why is Integration Breathwork Training Unique?

Integration Breathwork is about transcending traditional training, offering a blend of mentorship, live experiential learning, and a supportive community that fosters growth and transformation with a coach committed to your success!

MORE DETAILS HERE: integration-breathwork-facilitator-certification


Breathwork & Psilocybin Experiences

I am eager to collaborate with those interested in incorporating Breathwork into their Psilocybin Training. As featured in the New York Times article “Breathing Their Way to an Altered State,” the potent role of breathwork in psychedelic therapy is gaining recognition.

Health care professionals are turning to breathwork during psilocybin trainings for profound emotional release and deepened consciousness, showcasing its power in facilitating altered states similar to psychedelic experiences.

As psychedelics integrate into mainstream therapy, the demand for skilled facilitators is soaring. With 10 years in plant medicine facilitation, and 20 years as a yoga teacher/teacher trainer with pranayama and subtle body training, my recent involvement in psilocybin training in Ashland has further solidified my passion and expertise in integrating Breathwork, Reiki, & Sound Healings into therapeutic practices.

I am excited to collaborate with therapists, coaches and professionals eager to blend Breathwork into their psychedelic training. I already am beginning to assist therapists in seamlessly integrating Breathwork into their business. It’s a cutting-edge somatic approach to deepen your therapeutic impact and guide your clients on a path of profound self-discovery and healing.

I also have a Breathwork Training & Mentorship Program specifically designed for seasoned practitioners in the healing arts, yoga, therapy, and coaching – emphasizing the importance of holistic, integrative practices. Recognizing the critical role of integration, I focus on equipping professionals to effectively open pathways for deep inner work and ensure the application of these experiences in their clients’ lives.

My method, a fusion of Eastern philosophies and Western psychology, is tailored to foster a balanced, empathetic, and effective approach, suitable for both individual and group settings. This holistic approach not only addresses the complexities of the human psyche but also unlocks the transformative potential of altered states.

Please contact me if you wish to bring a holistic, somatic dimension to your practice, training or retreats with Breathwork, Coaching, and Healing Arts – let’s collaborate!