Plant Medicines

Thank you Ayahuasca.

Today I want to give homage to my most beloved sacred plant teacher, Ayahuasca.

I’ve been off the grid with my dedication to this medicine and in hiding for too long. Yet, there are many all over the world that are speaking about this powerful plant and now I feel safe to speak my truth.

She’s been my main non-human teacher since 2009. She chose me to work with her through a series of incredible sychronicities that led me to Peru on 1/1/11 to work for 3 months with 7 shamans at the Temple of the Way of Light. Check out that numerology! I experienced a kundalini awakening that altered my entire universe and flipped my perspective upside down.

In 2012, I began receiving Light Language codes, the language of sacred geometry . “Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to your DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that activates and balances you on profound and practical levels – its an initiate of ascension (Valerie Ester).”

Since then, I’ve been on a healing path serving the her teachings as best I can through my work, and bow humbly to this path. I’ve helped hundreds upon hundreds of individuals on this same path of Awakening. I learned how to offer transformative healings and to hold impeccable space as a result.

As many whom have worked with this medicine know, she’s been weaving her dynamic web through the World to awaken the collective human consciousness and lightworkers are uniting to raise the vibration of the planet. She’s asking for Balance – to Save this Beloved Planet – and to Remember Love again.

Oddly enough. I parted ways with this medicine for a while to integrate after 10 solid years of service and apprenticeship. She still works with me on a spiritual level every single day and I feel her guidance always and everywhere.

In my last ceremony, she offered me a near death experience – a choice – to stay or go. I chose a resounding “YES” to stay on Earth with my son. She gave me no choice really it was a stern ask because all I could feel was terror vs the light that I would have expected. This was one of many Ego Deaths I recognized later. My ego was unable to fully surrender to what could and may have been the Light on the other side.

My integration has shown me that she took me to the depths of my own fear to clear it because it is what exists in me and most of us on this planet at our root. I still had layers and levels to work through into fully TRUSTING the Divine. And what resulted in the last 2 years has been some of the most profoundly deep healing I’ve had to date.

She continues to support and guide me from a deep place within. I am eternally grateful for all the blessings she has offered me, even though sometimes they came packaged in fear. She still guides me in what I offer my clients and deep healing takes place as she holds space with me, as me and through me.

What she showed me is that my life’s path at this moment I’m to offer the teachings of the medicine using completely holistic methodologies like breathwork, energy medicine, coaching, yoga, etc. so that people who are unable/unwilling to work with this plant medicine could find the same outcomes of Remembrance, hence creating the empowerment coaching + intuitive healing programs that I offer individually and with Alan at The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat.

The Grandmother and I co-created the title, “Unleash the Priestess Within + Thrive” to service women into self-realization, or awakening to their own Divine Union with God, as God Within. To me, its all about Remembering Who We Really Are and seeing ourselves with Loving Eyes and a Powerful Humble Heart. I want women to Love themselves pure and simple and to have long term, sustainable practices and community that keep them on their path.

Every day as I coach my clients and do healing work, I hear the stories that have suppressed women from our power and the belief systems that are in place. I know that there is a Divine Path that brings us back home when we learn to heal, forgive, surrender and take responsibility for our lives.

I desire for you to live in JOY, CELEBRATION, TRUTH, ABUNDANCE and more. As we bring this Earth back into balance in the feminine way and create global feminine systems and businesses that are nourishing and in harmony with Nature, we create community with our gifts, share and love again. We can bring this world into Global Peace when we heal, create and relate from a place of Love vs Fear.

fear and courage 2

How to rise above fear into courage + action!

I’m all about rising above fear!!!!

Yet it is a real challenge when you feel unsafe in the world.

This is a story about what I have learned about safety vs control and how you can shift into hope and courage!

Your primary relationship to safety in energy medicine is related to your first chakra – in-utero conditions, birth and how secure your environment is in your first 2 years on this planet. And, what’s often overlooked, through the shamanic + yogic lens is your lineage stories and your karma.

A healthy root chakra is trust, safety, support and connection to the Earth and Mother.

Here is my personal story as relates to my understanding of this and my current clients.

My Story

I know personally I had a lot of fear come up during my pregnancy from a past life experience of dying while giving birth. Additionally, my mom had a very fear-based birth and in my early years she suffered from not feeling supported.

Additionally, my sexual trauma experiences became more exposed which compounded the feelings of not feeling safe in my body or in my life. A perfect storm + a beautiful cauldron for learning!

As I approach everything as teachers, I did an enormous amount of work on myself through yoga, kundalini, intuitive healing and plant medicines to get to a place of having a doula, midwife and a natural birth (almost, I got to 9 centimeters and then my herniated discs kicked my butt.)

This entire experience led me so much more deeply into the understanding of the connection between body-energy-mind-emotions, to a level that helped me become a trauma-informed intuitive healer and empowerment coach for women.

What I recognized

What I recognized in my own life and with most of my clients now is that feeling unsafe shows up as control (a form of protection). If you can control your environment, risks, and the odds of anyone getting hurt (because you were so hurt) then you can feel safe.

In controlling everything, you learn how to manage your chaos inside. Yet you also start to rescue others from themselves and their potential pain. This is a no win situation whereby you deplete yourself, overstep your boundaries, lose yourself and resent others for it.

In controlling, you also lock yourself out of intimacy, vulnerability, and life’s magic. Because of your wounding you are not comfortable in opening yourself up to more pain, so you will remain rigid and in control and not be as flexible and adaptable as you can be.

Ultimately you don’t trust yourself, others or the Divine.

Sound familiar?


There is hope.

You can create a choice to move from fear into courage. You can create actions and possibilities from a place of healing and awareness.

I have found so many ways to create and shift these experiences through incredible practices through ancient and new age wisdom.

These self-care practices and disciplines can completely turn your life around and I am happy to teach them to anyone who resonates with wanting to trust and feel safe in the world.

It would be my honor!

This post was inspired by my client Margaret who wrote this to me.


“My biggest takeaway from your “Unleash the Priestess and Thrive” 12-week program is that I can make choices out of strength versus operating in fear.

I realized through this program and the healing work that I was unable to name and acknowledge what wasn’t working in a few areas of my life.

I was not linking my current inactions with the fear and old belief systems that stemmed from my childhood.

For me the healing work like the womb healing and chord cutting helped me to release stuck emotions, shift my awareness and move me beyond these realizations to take actions based on courage and awareness.

I describe this as actionable therapy. This has been a very healing journey for me that will continue to create many more changes in my life. Thank you!!!!” ~Margaret

Find out how you can shift and feel safe in the world!  Set up “The Priestess Power Plan” 1 hour free strategy session.  It’s time to connect and actualize your visions from a place of trust!


Awakening to the Divine Self

I have a long-time client that has undergone massive transformation this year.

We will call her “Awesome” to give her a name because her story is.

At the beginning of last year, she set some intentions to dive into her deepest fears and get more in touch with her Higher Self + Purpose.

As a 20 + year yogi by passion and a high-powered music executive by profession, “Awesome” did not know what her intention and Spirit had in store for her.

We started the New Year with a Shamanic breathwork session that pierced the 3-D veil. “Awesome” shot into an alternate dimension to the feet of what looked like an Alex Grey version of Ganesha and back again.

Ganesha, is the Lord of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. And this is how the story begins.

Right after this experience “Awesome” came down with a rare condition that was attributed to a disease that she was most fearful of in her adult life. She couldn’t believe that her extraordinary out of body experience led her into the depths of this suffering. And with this came great fear.

As her coach, I empowered her to reframe the experience as exactly what she asked for in terms of her healing – to dive into her deepest fears. The key here was to not allow the fear to overtake her, but to let the fear be thy medicine.

We felt this was a grand opportunity to surrender and to learn how to trust her health, mind, and body. It was a lesson in learning how to address the inner child and to let go of some old emotions. It was an initiation to step into her power and break through old conditions of the past.

As she reframed her perspective, and to the doctors overwhelming surprise, the condition left her body within 2 weeks and she stepped into a deeper connection of trust with herself and her connection to the Divine Plan. It was an absolute miracle.

What was even more unexpected is that this pattern continued throughout her whole year.

Her husband became sick with a fatal disease. After we had coaching sessions accompanied by huge emotional releases, I helped “Awesome” realize again that this was addressing one of her biggest fears, which were being alone, and the co-dependency she felt with her husband.

Subsequently after her healing, her husband recovered and went into remission. Another miracle.

We were astonished.

It was like Ganesha + Kali were in a marriage cutting off the heads of every fear she had in her personal life and then it started to translate into her career.

Eventually the year ended with a work severance and release of her house!

The best part about the severance and the release of the house, was the time and energy for her next major healing discovery.

She realized many of the actions she was taking in her life were from her pained childhood. She was always proving herself. She had this addiction to seeking the top of the mountain that she could never reach. No matter how high she climbed, truly she could not reach it. Nothing was ever enough to fill the void that was missing inside of her from her childhood.

The biggest fear of all that she had to face was that she was unloved and unworthy and that she would not amount to anything.

“Awesome” recognized that the incredible success and material wealth that she built was based on actions created out of the pain of her inner child. She was unaware of the subconscious programs that were ruling her decisions and life. Again, fear set in. When your whole world is revealed to you and you wake up in it, conscious and awakened, this can be scary and surprising and slightly disorienting.

The silver lining in this discovery is that we were able to shift it and heal.

She is now aware that she can take actions and climb ladders of success from a more nurtured, loving and compassionate place within, connecting her to her heart, passions and purpose.

It gave “Awesome” an understanding of her priorities. It gives her a true understanding of the Spirit realms. Previously she would have called herself a bit of a skeptic.

It gives her a sense of fulfillment, heart-centeredness, compassion, forgiveness and motivation from a more healed and loving place. And moving forward, she will not need to do anything to prove her value.

What I gained in this process is a more embodied understanding of the Divine orchestration of life. I now trust at a deeper level in letting go. I have witnessed through the whole year what it means to surrender and be courageous. I see the importance of a guide and mentor through the process of awakening. I truly witnessed what receptivity creates – the most stunning synchronicities.

I deeply bow to “Awesome” for showing up. Her strength and consistency are unparalleled.

I tell this story to honor her Higher Self for the Divine dance she co-created with Spirit for all to admire.



Photo credit: Shawn Hocking


Feeling strapped by time and money?

Let me tell you something…your lack of time or money is actually an excuse for not getting your needs met.

I know what you are thinking…”this is going to be another story about the ‘so called’ illusion of time and money, but its freakin’ real for me lady!”

I hear you. I am in and out of these programs too. 😉

Getting your needs met is about healing yourself, stepping into your power and living your purpose.

Let’s look at time.

Lately, I’ve been witnessing so many women who are “time-strapped”.

Look, I’m a single mom, with two start-up entrepreneurial businesses and have only so much time in the day too. I get it.

Yet, what makes women feel time-strapped, limited, or overwhelmed is often fear and a few other culprits related to it.

You may recognize these as your new time excuse.

  • fear of success or failure
  • perfectionism
  • lack of commitment to sitting in meditation or a daily practice that connects you to your Higher Self/God
  • inability to prioritize or manage time efficiently
  • a feeling of “not good enough” or “unworthy” or “less-than” that keeps you playing small
  • stuck in comparison
  • creatively overwhelmed with trouble executing

Do you know that time stretches when you sit down to meditate (see how long 15 min feels!)?

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to edit all those videos and just hit FB live?

Where does the time go when you are leaking your energy all over social media and not applying yourself to your goals?

Read the list above and be truthful.

Are you not getting your needs met because of time?

Let’s look at money.

This money thing, I’m so over it. Aren’t you?

It goes up, down, left, right, completely sideways and prosperous (and then the car breaks down.)

To me, I’m realizing its an exercise in how much I can trust myself and life and surrender.

Money is how much you value yourself and your offerings.

You may recognize these as your money excuse:

  • fear of success or failure
  • need more skills certifications and letters behind mine name to prove I’m worthy and able
  • lack of trust in the ability to use it, manage it
  • everyone else is more in need than me, I can put myself last
  • I’m “not good enough to receive it” or “don’t deserve it”
  • money is the root of evil and shouldn’t be connected to healing or service

Our relationship with money is related to our ego addictions and shadow stories as much as anything else.

As women, it’s especially about breaking through the victim, martyr, persecutor and rescuer syndromes!

We use money as an excuse to not commit to our healing, or not step into our power.

How much money would you save if you didn’t feel like you had to have 20 certifications to start your healing practice?

What kind of money would you make if you believed in your capacity and the voice of your Higher Self?

Describe the success you may have if you loved yourself, valued your abilities, asked for support and understood what you deserved?

Are you really not getting your needs met because of money?

The next step.

Commit to yourself.

This is a practice.

There is no magic bullet.

You can’t hear the whispers of your heart from the pain of your inner child, past stuck emotions and old lineage patterns.

You need to sit and connect with God.

Your purpose is within buried under a lifetime of muck.


When you heal, you have the ability to see with clearer perception.

You can make choices with more discernment.

You reclaim your power.

You become more responsible and less reactive.

You gain the ability to feel and operate with the heart of compassion.

You connect with trust, for yourself, others and life.

You find stability, abundance and the creative flow of the Universe.

You ask for support.

You connect with your Purpose.

And, Thrive.

If you are feeling stuck, reach out for a free 45 min consultation + free meditation. Let’s figure out out what’s in the way of you unleashing your priestess power!


WTF?…Love & Light!

It’s time to wake up and get real raw!

One of my favorite comedians to date is JP Sears who pokes fun at the spiritual community for being “ultra spiritual”. He points out what I call spiritual bypassers – those that have made spirituality trendy and cool and have bypassed their inner work.

The spiritual community in LA can feel like people are just blowing a lot of “love and light” up people’s asses. There are loads of people running around offering their ‘healing energy’ without ever taking a moment to heal or look at themselves in the mirror. WTF?

What we don’t process becomes the unconscious at play in all areas of our life and the human collective. We need to own our shit and get real. How long do you plan on hiding?

It’s not funny anymore to pretend your shit don’t stink.  It’s not cool anymore to be dimming your light. It’s not appropriate anymore to tip toe around subjects that need addressing. It’s not helpful to say something other than what you mean. It’s not OK to avoid uncomfortable subjects. It’s time to let people disagree with you and to get into dialogue (check out my organic banana post and how absolutely people disagree with me!).

It’s time to wake up and take action in co-creation with Pure Consciousness. We don’t have time to sit back and wait for the Universe to save us.

There is a lot of chaos in the world on the macro scale, and this is purely a reflection of the inner turmoil that is ours to own and a reflection of the inner chaos. What we are seeing is the belly of the dragon – the unconscious masculine and feminine energies up for serious review.  It’s not time to ignore your role in all of it.

Here are the types of questions and statements that we can start probing ourselves with:

  • How do you back up your love and light claims?
  • Describe the consistent practices in your life that scare you.
  • Name the ways that you get out of your comfort zone.
  • In what ways do you give up your power?
  • What are you willing to let go of?
  • How are you leaking your energy?
  • When do you not speak your truth?
  • Who are you proving yourself to and comparing yourself with?
  • What bad habits do you hold that you can’t manage to break?
  • In what ways do you allow the virus of “I’m too busy” to control your life?
  • Can you describe what it feels like to believe there is no money or time available?
  • Who is your scapegoat?
  • When do you not speak up out of fear of rejection?
  • What are you doing in your life with intention?
  • Who is keeping you in a box?
  • What roles do you play that bring you out of alignment?
  • How do you ask for support?
  • What is your purpose on this Earth and who are you helping?
  • What are you doing with your gifts in service to humanity?
  • How do you love and nurture yourself?
  • In what ways do you practice compassion?

I’m on a roll, but you get the picture.  There is a deep inquiry here. Being spiritual is not a trend. It’s not a reality TV show. This is about doing the work internally, so you can help the others that are not awake, pop. We are talking about saving humanity and the planet.

Love & Light (I can say this because I can fuckin’ back it up!)
Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the divinity in All,


“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit.