The Empowered Woman Podcast: Celebrating Courageous Women Who Turned Struggles Into Success – Episode 1 with Arin Fugate

The Empowered Woman Podcast: Celebrating Courageous Women Who Turned Struggles Into Success – Episode 1 on Youtube.⠀Join Nicole and special guest Arin Fugate on an empowering journey as they discuss Arin’s incredible story of overcoming addiction, anxiety, and depression to support women in achieving their dreams. In this insightful conversation, delve into the depths of trauma, self-discovery, and the transformative power of spirituality. From challenging beginnings with addicted parents to finding purpose and healing through yoga, essential oils, and the wisdom of plants, Nicole and Arin share their unique paths to empowerment.


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I’m Feeling Lit Up in My Essence

Here in this moment I’m ready to claim: THE RIGHT TO BE MYSELF!  It’s the energy that’s coalescing in the collective. Ladies, are you feeling this too? Are you ready to give yourself permission?

My Divine ESSENCE is being re-activated and I’m feeling lit up. 😉

I’m all about energy and going deep into the architecture of the chakra system.  In fact, the subtle body is my absolutely favorite place to hang out and get nerdy. 😉

Just for the record, your divine essence is your second chakra, also known as the Seat of Your Self.  It’s your desire map. Svadhistana translates to “sweetness or abode”. Your womb is your uniquely architected Divine temple.

I’ve had this deep purging and releasing of the old matrix in my body happening for a while, but right now I’m so present to full surrender.  My Sacral Chakra has a deep yearning to let God, let Love and let Flow.  I’m allowing ease and grace to be very present.

Growing up in a Catholic household, I shamed myself, my body and my sex for too long. Thankfully, I have tossed those old lenses out along with the societal programming around the way things “should” be in areas like relationship and motherhood. I’ve recently and boldly stepped into whole new level of loving kindness and relationship with Christ Consciousness and the Divine that feels so intimate, supportive and unifying.

As an empowered awakened woman in this now, I’m also feeling a deep resonance with my Aquarian energy that calls bullshit on all of those outdated modes of separation, lack consciousness and ego battles of right and wrong.

I am tasting the creativity, desire, pleasure and bliss in my vortex re-align and re-awaken. I’m feeling a burst of magic coming from my deep with my womb.

I’m feeling a full tilt lean into Truth and Light. I want to leave all my protective armor on the battlefield and dance with my heart and soul into Unconditional Love.

How did I find this power again?

Well, recently I recalled the top moments in my life when I have felt absolutely lit up.

These are the moments that remind me what a gift it is to be Human and FEEL.  These  moments when my Kundalini Life Force expressed itself wholly and fully in my body. I loved these moments when I felt completely in my power, connected to Source and living truly in my Divine essence.  When I felt truly me and truly FREE.

I bring myself now to the word embodiment. Your Divine essence is within your body! Get in there and feel it sister.

In these moments I was in (and truly feeling) my body –  full senses activated.

For me, these moments have been traveling tropical islands, dancing on stages, flowing with water, singing my heart out in song circles, creating music and writing, having exquisite lovemaking sessions, going wild at festivals like Burning Man and my son’s first breath on my bare chest.  These were moments I was all WOMBYN – hear me ROAR. In these moments, I gave myself full permission to be ME.

In these moments I felt like time stopped. Divine Love, Truth and Light poured through my whole body and heart.

These were the moments I put aside any thoughts of rejection, failure, and not enough-ness.

These were moments of electricity.  In them, I was in my highest potential of Being-ness and in my Creative Genius. These were moments of transformation, empowerment, ascension, and pure magic.

In these moments I am the light. I am my living, sharing and being my gifts. I’m joyous, excitable, aligned, connected, soulful, fierce, radiant, graceful and LOVE.

It feels amazing to be connecting to this sacral energy again.

I invite you to think of your top moments when you were fired up and feeling amazing.  Write them down, feel them, describe them, meditate and dance with them.

Get connected to your beloved womb wisdom beloveds.  Move your body, breathe, play, dance, and get your energy activated.

Raise your vibration and claim your RIGHT TO BE YOU!

I have 2 spaces open for my 1:1 soulmate clients to start this February 2020.  If you’re ready to drop your guilt, shame and sexual narratives that keep you out of love, contact me and let’s get you connected to your essence.





{Free Video Meditation} For Empowerment

Does this sound familiar to you?

…You have all these projects and ideas yet when you go to take action inertia takes over.

…You are highly skilled and have many certifications in all sorts of modalities but you are not teaching or using these skills.

…You know you have a calling to serve, yet you say you don’t know what your soul’s purpose is.

…When attention is directed to you in a meeting or public setting you are overcome by fear, you avoid, retreat or procrastinate.

…When you get compliments you quickly deflect them and have difficulty receiving them.

These can be conditions/experiences present with a third chakra energy imbalance.

This can be caused by:

  1. Disconnection with the Fire element of transformation
  2. Early core wounds in your childhood experience around your confidence, self-esteem and power
  3. Societal programming pressures around scarcity consciousness and being told ‘what you are not’/fear of rejection

What can you do to balance your energy system and heal your power center?

I am offering you a simple 15 min empowerment meditation today that brings you into a past experience when you felt powerless and invites you to shift the ending of this story by taking a powerful action instead and inviting the support of your spiritual guides.  This will shift your energy and bring power back to you.

Nature is our reflection.

In Shamanism, Yoga and other ancient wisdom teachings we understand that Nature is our reflection.

Thus, we learn about our human energy centers through the qualities of the master energies/frequencies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether/Space/Center (depending on the traditions) and we heal through connecting with them.

Qualities of the 3rd Chakra:

•    Sun/Heat/Yellow Color
•    Fire Element/Inti Father Sun
•    Relates to your gifts/talent/purpose and action in the world
•    Imbalances relate to issues with power, esteem, confidence, energy, action, intertia, healthy digestion/agni
•    In Shamanic studies can relate to the old patterns stuck in the mind and your self-limiting beliefs
•    The demon of this chakra is guilt/blame + unhealthy ego

How do these qualities relate to me?

When we are healthy in our power center we feel connected to our action and purpose in the world based on the gifts and talents we know we have.

When we feel empowered we take action instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen to us. We become the co-creators and manifesting generators of our experience.

We want to have a healthy relationship to the Ego and not be burdened by experiences that draw continually upon our energy.

The meditation from today will bring you into the past to re-write the scripts that result in empowered action which brings great healing and allows you to re-direct your energy to positive projects.

Empowerment Meditation  (15 min) + Breath of Fire

  1. Click my video above to meditate and learn the process (this is 15 min, but I invite you into a longer one another time).
  2. Before or after this meditation feel free to do a minute of Breath of Fire breathing to clear out any energetic residue.
  3. Breath of Fire – if unfamiliar with it, here’s a great video from one of my favorite artists Simrit who is also a kundalini yogi.

If you like these processes, these are the types of tools that I might offer my clients during their highly customized 7- week Shamanic journey through each of their chakra energy centers.
At each energy center we go through a variety of processes to find what is stuck at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritually) and work to move it through the system.

With this knowledge, we can deprogram and re-balance the energy centers for overall life balance.

We do this through an extensive tool box of coaching, in-person and remote shamanic healings, shamanic journeying, meditations, yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and tantra.

Are you one who takes empowered action?

Or not?


A great way to know if you are a candidate for coaching or energy work is to book a 15 minute candid chat with me 😉

P.S. I now have a NEW GROUP PROGRAM as well as my signature
ONE-ON-ONE coaching program called “Unleash the Shamanic Priestess Within + Thrive”.

smiling young woman in summer field show heart shape hands sign

Do you deny yourself love?

Do you deny yourself love?
I always ask my clients what their self-care practices are.
Often I get a nervous laugh. And then a ton of excuses.
Why do we deny ourselves love?
Recently, I had to look at some of the ways that I deny myself love.
I criticize myself. Sometimes I’m afraid to charge a decent price for my services. I don’t schedule myself a lunch. I procrastinate about things. I opt out of yoga because I let client sessions run over.
These are the ways I take myself out of self-love. How about you?
When I recently talked to a client of mine about love, she said, “I never wanted to love myself because I was told it was arrogant.”
Arrogance is not love. It’s fear – imposing your ideas of superiority because you have to prove your worth. Love is knowing everyone is equal under the eyes of God.
What I’ve learned from the Shamanic indigenous ways and Yoga, is that everything is connected and it’s imperative that we respect all, including the Earth. In loving and having incredible respect for all of God’s creations, we must love this body-mind system to its fullest.
Love is appreciation, value and self-worth.  Love is what you are offering the world in service to the whole of humanity, the Earth and ultimately the Universe.

How could your life be different if you really loved all of you?
Can you imagine into what it would be like if that’s the way we all lived?
The more I value and love myself, the happier I am. I don’t need to do anything to prove myself, I have so much less pressure to perform, I feel in flow with life, the less I need, and I can offer so much more to the world.
If you want to learn more about self-care, self-love practices — sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess session. We can talk about ways you can love yourself more.  Ping me.
P.S. Join my free, private Facebook group Shamanic Healing Arts Academy #ShamanicPriestess to connect with other women who are empowering each other to evolve and thrive by sharing their deep healing processes!

Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,

“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit

Shot of a young businesswoman with her eyes closed sitting in her office

What about you is toxic?

“I am not smart enough.”

If you have been reading these blogs you probably have heard something similar, “I’m not good enough”.  This was my story, as part of another story.

Many of us walk around with what are called “toxic traits” coined by David Simon in his book, “Free to Love. Free to Heal.”
Our consumer society thrives off of these beliefs so that it can sell you more things to help you “improve” who you are.
You are too wrinkly…buy this cream!
You are too fat…freeze if off!
You are too frumpy…buy this purse!
The fact is if we learn to really love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, we don’t really need much. 

When we don’t need much we also start living in harmony with Earth. We recognize in Shamanism the concept of sacred reciprocity or ‘ayni’ which means living in harmony with the Earth and not creating a ton of waste. When you love yourself, you start to recognize the importance of loving all beings that we are connected with.

When you are in your story, you are in Ego and in resistance with life. When I was in this “I’m not smart enough” story,  I would let other people’s opinions supersede my own truths, considering I wasn’t smart enough to hold my own. It kept me inert for a long time and got me in trouble.
The blessing in this story as I look back was that I overachieved to compensate for “not being smart enough” and pursued information like an addiction which is now how I can share the wisdom I hold. 
And now, because I have healed this story, I pursue information not to gain approval from anyone, but to share wisdom in the service of other beings’ healing process.
Find out what toxic traits you still hold about yourself.  And see how these are playing out in your life. If you don’t know, sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess session and find out. Click Here 
The thing is… if you want to lose weight, you don’t run around telling yourself how bad you are, what you lack and how ugly you are and then expect results.
Accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is the key to positive change. 
When I work with my Shamanic Empowerment Coaching clients we get to a place of understanding, gentleness and care with the Self.  We set up self-care practices.  We learn to love ourselves like we would love a child. Then, we can start to see results.
Stop abusing and criticizing yourself and see what happens.

Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit