The Empowered Woman Podcast: Celebrating Courageous Women Who Turned Struggles Into Success – Episode 1 with Arin Fugate

The Empowered Woman Podcast: Celebrating Courageous Women Who Turned Struggles Into Success – Episode 1 on Youtube.⠀Join Nicole and special guest Arin Fugate on an empowering journey as they discuss Arin’s incredible story of overcoming addiction, anxiety, and depression to support women in achieving their dreams. In this insightful conversation, delve into the depths of trauma, self-discovery, and the transformative power of spirituality. From challenging beginnings with addicted parents to finding purpose and healing through yoga, essential oils, and the wisdom of plants, Nicole and Arin share their unique paths to empowerment.


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Nicole Red

7 Keys to Actualizing Your Spiritual Business Visions!

As a spiritual entrepreneur, I bet you have a deep desire to actualize your visions through clarity, alignment, and focused intention.

Yet sometimes you get bogged down in the details and get overwhelmed. Have you ever sat down to write, make a video, or a post and instead find yourself scrolling Facebook, distracted and eating chocolate? Do you feel confused and indecisive on your path or unclear of your purpose?

As a female soulpreneur your energy, emotions, body, mind and spirituality DIRECTLY impact the success of your business.

WHO you are BEING is just as important as WHAT you are DOING (if not more).

You are a magnetic energetic being.

If you are feeling unclear and indecisive that is showing up in your business as doubt, needs for external validation, and sabotage.

I love to teach women how to view their shadow work through the development of the chakra system, because this is where all the limiting beliefs, emotions and blocks in our system are that affect the whole of our being.

I will teach you how to study your physical body, energy, emotions, and unconscious and conscious thoughts through this architecture to get back into balance.

The chakra system is like a pulley system. If one is out of balance, you need to readjust the whole.

So let’s say in this case, you are in doubt, overwhelm and anxiety which is making you feel fear, confusion and lack of focus.

1-  First, you need to get grounded to override the overwhelm. Breathe. Connect to the Earth.

2 – Then tune in and listen to your feminine womb wisdom. Feel into your creative center. Speak to your womb, and ask her who you need to be in efforts to attract what it is you want. Tap into your seat of desire and inner essence.

3 – Pull your desire up to your solar plexus. Harness your energy and overcome your inertia, so you can connect with your power center of enthusiasm, will and vitality. Where your gifts and talents reside.

4 – Once you feel your confidence and can access your energy, you can move into the heart of your service. Here, you have the opportunity to connect with WHY you are serving your tribe. Really feel it and be it.

5 – Now connect to your voice, your authentic truth and your vibe.

6 – Access your intuition, meditation and clarity of purpose.

7 – Connect with the Cosmic Divine Guidance….AND THEN BRING IT ALL DOWN INTO THE BODY to manifest it.

YES!  You are now fully plugged into the matrix as a CLEAR CHANNEL.

I wish it were as easy as stated above.

There is a lot more to this than this brief description as you are a multi-dimensional, multi-facted, multi-layered energetic system. 😉  This could take a few months of teachings, implementation, tools and integration, but you get the idea.

When you are creating from a grounded, connected and deeply soulful place confusion and overwhelm are gone and you have unleashed your creativity, confidence and clarity.

From here, you can take INSPIRED ACTIONS.

In my “Unleash the Priestess Within Program” I empower you to understand your shadow work so you align with your creative power, activate your soul’s purpose and make a bigger impact in the world.

I teach you how to powerfully and gracefully put yourself first and practice radical self-love so you have the energy, momentum and focus to serve from a more conscious place with confidence and clarity of purpose.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a quick 15 min chat!


The Healing Power of Shamanic Drum Journeying

Dr. Michael Harner, the author of The Way of the Shaman, was an anthropologist that revived shamanic drum journeying as a practice in the West.  In this studies, he found that this practice was common to all shamans and cultures throughout history. He knew it was an important and potent practice and believed that anyone could practice this to create healing for themselves.

In traditional shamanic drum journeys, the shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness to journey to what’s called “non-ordinary” states of reality to retrieve information from spirit allies for healing.  Even if you are not a shaman you can still begin practicing entering non-ordinary states of reality and connecting with the Divine.  That is your birthright.

As a Yogi on a spiritual path of self-realization, when I was introduced to this practice it felt so beautifully aligned with my own meditation, coaching and visualization practices.  It’s my belief that we enter these altered states of reality using our imagination to connect to the Divine any time we meditate. Of course, as we are more practiced with meditation, energy work and other healing modalities we get deeper and more connected to these non-ordinary states.

In Shamanic journeys, a drum beat, rattle or another form of a click track are used to focus and relax the mind to an alpha or theta state.   When you are in this state the imagination can soar beyond into the non-ordinary realms, parallel universes and dimensions beyond space and time.

When you journey you are opening yourself up to connection with all living things on this planet Earth and other realms beyond what you know here. It’s a practice that reminds us of our infinite potentiality.  There is a sense of wholeness that returns in this remembrance as well as empowerment that comes from this.

In my experiences with Shamanic drum journeys I’ve recognized how its opened up my intuition as well as heightened other senses.  For example, if you are a visual person in your daily life, you may not see visuals in your journeys because that’s your dominant sensory input. You may start to experience an awakening and deepening in your listening or felt sense in your body.  This helps you become a stronger communicator.

The Shamanic drum journey has many healing benefits.  This practice is used to address 3 forms of illness in the Shamanic view:

1 – Loss of Power

2 – Loss of Soul Essence

3 – Blockages or negative energy taken on through the loss of power or soul essence.

When we travel to these other dimensions – called the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds – we can address these different forms of illness based on what spirit allies we connect with.

Typically we go to the Lower world first to retrieve power animals that can help us feel that innate power again and to reconnect with Nature spirits.  We can travel to the Middle World to address this physical dimension and communicate with the those that live in our present reality for healing.  And the Upper World is the ethereal world in which we can connect with guardian spirits, teachers in human form.

Some Other Benefits of Shamanic Drum Journeying:

  • Reclaim your power and soul essence.
  • Release negative thought patterns and reprogram your narratives.
  • Quick and direct access to Divine Spiritual Guidance.
  • Create transformation for yourself, others and the planet.
  • Experience harmony, balance and wake up to your highest potential.
  • Connect to the Natural worlds of plants, animals, trees and other aspects of the living realms.
  • Remembrance that everything in life has a Spirit.
  • Increase your intuition, senses and ability to communicate.

How do you start to practice shamanic drum journeys?

With any Shamanic Journey you want to start with an intention and move into a question that you wish to address within these realms.

There are drum tracks you can find online to start practicing. Sandra Ingerman has a beautiful book called “Shamanic Journeying” a beginners guide that includes a CD for practice.

You may also find Shamanic practitioners around your local area that guide these practices and local workshops.

As always, if you need any guidance or have any questions feel free to reach out.

Coming up April 10 – 12, 2020 in Mount Shasta, the Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat is offering a Shamanic Healing + Freedom Breathwork Retreat weekend which includes Shamanic teachings in: Realms and Worlds; Causes of Sickness; Chord Cutting; Energy Extractions; Shamanic Journeying; Rituals and Altars; Sacred Spaces; Despacho Ceremonies; Mesa Building.

Blessings on your journeys,



9 Tools to Free Your Voice

What does it mean to free your voice?

It means feeling safe and grounded.

Freeing your voice is a deep dive into your childhood wounding to discover where you lost it in the first place.

It is to release the pain of our past ancestors, traumas, suppression and circumstances.

It’s about getting comfortable in your own skin and being honest with yourself.

Freeing your voice is liberating yourself from squelching your emotions and letting the rivers flow.

Freeing your voice is releasing projections, victim nature, martyrdom, blame, shame, guilt, gossip and lower frequencies.

Freeing your voice is a result of reclaiming your power.

It is being in right relationship with your heart and offering compassion to others.

Freeing your voice is to surrender to the Divine and love yourself.

It is having fine-tuned listening skills.

To free your voice is to be vulnerable enough to hear all the feedback and own what you are responsible for.

It is learning to speak your authentic truth.

Freeing your voice is creating healthy boundaries that protect you with a sensibility to uphold them with kindness versus defensiveness.

Freeing your voice is learning to communicate consciously and effectively which is truly is an art.

I’d say, at this moment, I am an artist that’s learning to develop her craft to live a more full heart-centered life.

Here are 9 tools along my path that have aided me in the art of communication and helped me free my voice.

1-  Getting Grounded, Breathing and Relaxing

When you are grounded, breathing and relaxed you heal.  When you heal, you have the space to turn inward and bring mindfulness and heart-centeredness to your communication.  Your tension is released and your voice is more powerful. Try this earthing meditation to get you started.

2 – Core Wound/Inner Child Healing Work

Your core wounds and the inner child within are holding your past.  As you hear her, listen to her, and love her you will regain your power and begin to learn that you are creating your life and everything in it.  That will change where you speak from, how you speak and will liberate you. Learn more about this deep journey work.

3 – Sacred Plant Medicines

The sacred plants speak through the human voice.  The medicinal songs of the plants have great power for healing. I personally have completely cured my vocal chords and received many spiritual surgeries in the mentorship of the plants and reclaimed my voice. I now sing ceremonially and transmit these songs in honor of this great gift. Check out MAPS for more information.

4 – Singing Kirtan/Yoga Chanting

Kirtan is a devotional singing and chanting practice that chants the names of the Divine to raise your vibration to the frequency of pure LOVE. It’s a beautiful practice that is a direct line to Source.  Check out my favorite studio, Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica.

5 – Creative Writing + Play

Being a beginner in life, in play, and innocence will connect you to the pure creative light within. Discovery and curiosity is where creativity lies. As you heal your sacral chakra and open up these energies it has a direct influence on your voice. After all, have you seen a picture of the Yoni and Vocal Chords? They align with what we create and express. One of my favorite books for accessing the inner creative is The Artist’s Way.

6 – Relationships – Those that trigger you the most!

Relationships are your mirror.  And the ones that trigger you the most will reveal your subconscious patterns, behaviors and past that is remain unhealed. This is a teaching relationship. What is beautiful about these teaching relationships is that they teach you what is important to you, your core values, and how to be a better communicator of healthy boundaries, desires and needs.  Practice the art of conscious communication.

7 – Amazing Coaches

Coaching and mentorship has been profound for me in my own shadow work which is why I now offer this gift to women. To have someone who can point out your deeper work in a safe and loving container catalyzes real change. It is priceless to liberating your voice.  Discover what you can work on now.

8 – Being in Community

When you have the opportunity to meet in sacred, safe space with other like-minded individuals it is so healing!  This is great practice for revealing your personal story and deep inner truths.  Circles provide great insight. It’s helpful to know that you are not alone in what you are going through.  Check out this coaching + healing women’s empowerment group.  And this Women’s Facebook group.

9-  Surrendering to Divine Love

The ultimate goal is surrendering and opening fully to Divine Love. It’s the pure ecstasy that we seek to return to. When we relax, surrender, and let go of our egoic nature that keeps us in suffering there is so much love to receive.

Could you imagine letting go of all the projections and stories and living in your authentic truth, speaking from your heart and revealing your whole being?

Freeing your voice is a lifetime practice of healing, surrender, sharing and loving yourself.

Freeing your voice is the conscious and truthful path of awakening.

Here is are two albums I’d love you to hear – Amrita and God’s Breath of Life – I’ve created these in a time when I was very much freeing my voice!!!



Photos from my workshops at Oregon Eclipse Festival.



Feeling strapped by time and money?

Let me tell you something…your lack of time or money is actually an excuse for not getting your needs met.

I know what you are thinking…”this is going to be another story about the ‘so called’ illusion of time and money, but its freakin’ real for me lady!”

I hear you. I am in and out of these programs too. 😉

Getting your needs met is about healing yourself, stepping into your power and living your purpose.

Let’s look at time.

Lately, I’ve been witnessing so many women who are “time-strapped”.

Look, I’m a single mom, with two start-up entrepreneurial businesses and have only so much time in the day too. I get it.

Yet, what makes women feel time-strapped, limited, or overwhelmed is often fear and a few other culprits related to it.

You may recognize these as your new time excuse.

  • fear of success or failure
  • perfectionism
  • lack of commitment to sitting in meditation or a daily practice that connects you to your Higher Self/God
  • inability to prioritize or manage time efficiently
  • a feeling of “not good enough” or “unworthy” or “less-than” that keeps you playing small
  • stuck in comparison
  • creatively overwhelmed with trouble executing

Do you know that time stretches when you sit down to meditate (see how long 15 min feels!)?

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to edit all those videos and just hit FB live?

Where does the time go when you are leaking your energy all over social media and not applying yourself to your goals?

Read the list above and be truthful.

Are you not getting your needs met because of time?

Let’s look at money.

This money thing, I’m so over it. Aren’t you?

It goes up, down, left, right, completely sideways and prosperous (and then the car breaks down.)

To me, I’m realizing its an exercise in how much I can trust myself and life and surrender.

Money is how much you value yourself and your offerings.

You may recognize these as your money excuse:

  • fear of success or failure
  • need more skills certifications and letters behind mine name to prove I’m worthy and able
  • lack of trust in the ability to use it, manage it
  • everyone else is more in need than me, I can put myself last
  • I’m “not good enough to receive it” or “don’t deserve it”
  • money is the root of evil and shouldn’t be connected to healing or service

Our relationship with money is related to our ego addictions and shadow stories as much as anything else.

As women, it’s especially about breaking through the victim, martyr, persecutor and rescuer syndromes!

We use money as an excuse to not commit to our healing, or not step into our power.

How much money would you save if you didn’t feel like you had to have 20 certifications to start your healing practice?

What kind of money would you make if you believed in your capacity and the voice of your Higher Self?

Describe the success you may have if you loved yourself, valued your abilities, asked for support and understood what you deserved?

Are you really not getting your needs met because of money?

The next step.

Commit to yourself.

This is a practice.

There is no magic bullet.

You can’t hear the whispers of your heart from the pain of your inner child, past stuck emotions and old lineage patterns.

You need to sit and connect with God.

Your purpose is within buried under a lifetime of muck.


When you heal, you have the ability to see with clearer perception.

You can make choices with more discernment.

You reclaim your power.

You become more responsible and less reactive.

You gain the ability to feel and operate with the heart of compassion.

You connect with trust, for yourself, others and life.

You find stability, abundance and the creative flow of the Universe.

You ask for support.

You connect with your Purpose.

And, Thrive.

If you are feeling stuck, reach out for a free 45 min consultation + free meditation. Let’s figure out out what’s in the way of you unleashing your priestess power!