I’m Feeling Lit Up in My Essence

Here in this moment I’m ready to claim: THE RIGHT TO BE MYSELF!  It’s the energy that’s coalescing in the collective. Ladies, are you feeling this too? Are you ready to give yourself permission?

My Divine ESSENCE is being re-activated and I’m feeling lit up. 😉

I’m all about energy and going deep into the architecture of the chakra system.  In fact, the subtle body is my absolutely favorite place to hang out and get nerdy. 😉

Just for the record, your divine essence is your second chakra, also known as the Seat of Your Self.  It’s your desire map. Svadhistana translates to “sweetness or abode”. Your womb is your uniquely architected Divine temple.

I’ve had this deep purging and releasing of the old matrix in my body happening for a while, but right now I’m so present to full surrender.  My Sacral Chakra has a deep yearning to let God, let Love and let Flow.  I’m allowing ease and grace to be very present.

Growing up in a Catholic household, I shamed myself, my body and my sex for too long. Thankfully, I have tossed those old lenses out along with the societal programming around the way things “should” be in areas like relationship and motherhood. I’ve recently and boldly stepped into whole new level of loving kindness and relationship with Christ Consciousness and the Divine that feels so intimate, supportive and unifying.

As an empowered awakened woman in this now, I’m also feeling a deep resonance with my Aquarian energy that calls bullshit on all of those outdated modes of separation, lack consciousness and ego battles of right and wrong.

I am tasting the creativity, desire, pleasure and bliss in my vortex re-align and re-awaken. I’m feeling a burst of magic coming from my deep with my womb.

I’m feeling a full tilt lean into Truth and Light. I want to leave all my protective armor on the battlefield and dance with my heart and soul into Unconditional Love.

How did I find this power again?

Well, recently I recalled the top moments in my life when I have felt absolutely lit up.

These are the moments that remind me what a gift it is to be Human and FEEL.  These  moments when my Kundalini Life Force expressed itself wholly and fully in my body. I loved these moments when I felt completely in my power, connected to Source and living truly in my Divine essence.  When I felt truly me and truly FREE.

I bring myself now to the word embodiment. Your Divine essence is within your body! Get in there and feel it sister.

In these moments I was in (and truly feeling) my body –  full senses activated.

For me, these moments have been traveling tropical islands, dancing on stages, flowing with water, singing my heart out in song circles, creating music and writing, having exquisite lovemaking sessions, going wild at festivals like Burning Man and my son’s first breath on my bare chest.  These were moments I was all WOMBYN – hear me ROAR. In these moments, I gave myself full permission to be ME.

In these moments I felt like time stopped. Divine Love, Truth and Light poured through my whole body and heart.

These were the moments I put aside any thoughts of rejection, failure, and not enough-ness.

These were moments of electricity.  In them, I was in my highest potential of Being-ness and in my Creative Genius. These were moments of transformation, empowerment, ascension, and pure magic.

In these moments I am the light. I am my living, sharing and being my gifts. I’m joyous, excitable, aligned, connected, soulful, fierce, radiant, graceful and LOVE.

It feels amazing to be connecting to this sacral energy again.

I invite you to think of your top moments when you were fired up and feeling amazing.  Write them down, feel them, describe them, meditate and dance with them.

Get connected to your beloved womb wisdom beloveds.  Move your body, breathe, play, dance, and get your energy activated.

Raise your vibration and claim your RIGHT TO BE YOU!

I have 2 spaces open for my 1:1 soulmate clients to start this February 2020.  If you’re ready to drop your guilt, shame and sexual narratives that keep you out of love, contact me and let’s get you connected to your essence.






Wahe Guru! Celebrate dark + light!

Today, we are in celebration of International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice –  both offering light to our world that feels quite dark.

What are we learning from these auspicious days?

Have you noticed, as I have, the juxtaposition of the juicy swellings of Divine Love in your own heart and the pangs of, anger, destruction, and judgement of your own mind served up by your past pains?

Some days, its as if I’d like to tear off my clothes and sing naked and wild at the top of my lungs and other days where my fear shuts me down and I hide.

We are all going through a collective re-birthing.  We are being forced to go down deep in the dark well of our own emotional being to dig up the remains, so that we can release the wreckage that we’ve created, heal our lineage, minds, and bodies to reveal the Light within.

As Yogis we are often reminded of how pressure and heat turns carbon into a diamond, or the exquisite lotus flower that penetrates the muddy waters to bloom its essential beauty for us to see.

Now, more than ever, we are understanding this yogic process of tapas, the burning, purification, discipline and practice that leads us to the eternal God seed within.

This process was never stated to be easy.  “Doing the work” as many spiritual aspirants say, is filled with challenge, obstacle and trauma, yet also with opportunities and triumphs.

In efforts to see the Great Light we also traverse the Great Dark.

Our society tends to focus on the dark. Perhaps its seems so magnified because we know in our hearts more than ever that Unity and Love are Truth and we are shamefully recognizing how far away we’ve strayed.

It’s as if we can’t believe it, so we keep talking about it.  Yet if we know and practice the Law of Attraction, we need to re-direct and place focus on what we wish to amplify, Love.

It doesn’t mean we ignore.  It means we take our anger, our hatred and disgust and we create action and solutions for the greater good.  We don’t blame, but we rise up in ownership and responsibility and play our part in supporting radical change.

We are collectively moving through our first, second and third chakras to clear out fear and separation, distorted sexual energy, guilt, shame, and abuse of power.

We are moving to the heart chakra.

Today, we offer hope, unity and love in exchange for the suffering that is sweeping our collective consciousness.

We are being asked to spring forth at this time and celebrate and dance and be free!

Today, I’ve created a Despacho offering to the land and to the guardian spirits to ask for forgiveness for creating such an imbalance of resource on this planet.  Personally, my sacred offering to the Earth will be better stewardship and more service to Her and the collective.

I was recently offered a great gift to be a Melissae at a Goddess Temple here in Ashaland, Oregon at the Jackson Wellsprings. As a Goddess Temple Melissae I get to be in service to the Goddess through stewarding the land, water, altars and structures of the Temple.  I plan to dedicate my time there to the virtues of love, safety, community, beauty, grace, kindness and compassionate support.

What can you do to be of service to the Light today on this longest light-filled day of the year?

What can you do to be in service of communing with the your own being filled with Light?

How can you practice more self-love and kindness?

Can we all celebrate the darkness too as the contrast that is needed and Divinely guided to reflect back to us our own inner work?  The mirror of Nature is our Guru.

Today the Kundalini Yogis use the term “Wahe Guru”. Wahe is an exclamation of ecstasy like, “Wow!”.  Guru is a teacher or guide. Guru takes one from the darkness into the light.  Let’s celebrate the moment we recognized that God is within.

Blessings to you my community for honoring the path of the Yogi, seeker, light-bearer, steward, and champion of humanity.

May you be blessed and revered for your work.

Be the light that changes the world!

Wahe Guru!

xo Nicole

P.S.  If you are a healer, yogi or spiritual entrepreneur and you feel like you need solid support traversing from dark to light in efforts to create your light-inspired business for this planet, set up a complimentary call with me. We need you to reclaim your power and actualize your visions NOW!

P.P.S.  If you want to be a part of a growing spiritual community of incredibly gifted and spiritual women, please join #shamanicpriestess FREE Facebook Group.


Dear Love, You Win!

Dear Love,

OK. You win! I’ve been fighting you for a while.  I realize I’ve been making up stories about You. I was focused on who wasn’t in Love with me, why I was not loveable, and why I was not worthy of You.  I’m not sure why anyone would take these steps to block You. I think I was in fear of Your power. I think I was fearful that Your power was in me.  That I could be You and You could be me! Love, guess what?

You totally win!

My vows to you Love:

I promise to bring You into my heart more fully in all moments.

I promise to bathe in your warm light.

I promise to pray for your guidance in all my relationships.

I promise to forgive myself swiftly when I forget You.

I promise to remember You more and more each day.

I promise to live my life with You in it, even when I’m challenged.

I promise to remember that you are always giving to me even if I don’t understand the ‘why’ of the moment.

I promise to guide my students from You and with You.

I promise to see myself as You.

I promise to embrace You whenever I share my gifts and talents.

I promise to sing with You and for You.

I am You and You are me and together we are One.

How do you practice Self-Love?

Self-Love is the most important game in town. There is no other game. This human experience is a “Cosmic Joke” —  a game to recognize Who We Truly Are. Please stop blaming, victimizing and telling yourself that you are not Worthy of Love. It’s simply not true.  These stories are obstacles created by the Mind and the Ego to keep you in the Game. We are all playing roles as mirrors to one another to reflect and remind each other that we are Love.  You can keep playing the game over lifetimes, or you can triumph over your perceived limitations and be and act in Love now. Dedicate your heart to Love.  Once you understand how to love yourself and you understand how to fill your cup, then you can share it!

What are some activities that you practice to fill your cup?

Here are some my favorite self-love practices:

  • Meditation/Prayer – Whenever I can. 5 min – 45 min. Sit. Be still and charge up with God’s love!
  • Yoga – I am practicing Kundalini Yoga these days, a highly Spiritual practice that involves meditation, breathwork and movement.
  • Bhakti Yoga Shala Monday Night Kirtan. I go weekly to chant to God for 2 hours and be in the “Bhav”.  Bhakti is the practice and art of Devotion to God.
  • Walking the Beach – I connect to the Earth and pray with gratitude to God for the beauty that we have the privilege of seeing.

What are some activities you do to share your love?

Here are some of my favorite “love-sharing” practices:

  • Creating – Creating is allowing the flow of the Creator to come through you and create Love.  Writing, singing, drawing and dancing are my forms of creation that I love to share with others!  (Thank you Artist’s Way for this profound teaching!)
  • Being of Service – I give love every day in some way through the acts that I do daily whether it be teaching, healing or giving smiles when I walk down the street.
  • Hugging – I love to hug people ‘heart to heart’ and give them a good dose of Love daily.
  • Facebook Wall Postings – My goal is to offer some sort of Love to You, my community, that inspires and enriches Your life.

Please feel free to comment and share what it is that inspires you, what you are doing to create more self-love and how you love to share your love!

The Practice of Purging

Dear friends & family,

For me, writing is a cathartic release. This is a creative form of purging. It’s an opportunity for me to challenge my weaknesses, self-reflect, let go of what I may bottle up and share myself with my community.
If there is one thing I practice well, it’s purging! We all need to do this to purify our bodies and minds, so we can grow, expand and see our divine true nature.How do we recognize our limitations, habits (samskaras) and the things lurking in the shadows that we need to release?

We practice turning inward. We pay attention to the people that reflect back to us. We see challenges arising again and again, so we stop and pay attention. We listen with great intent. We practice being alone.  We reconcile with our loneliness. We see and feel the stagnant energy. We shed light on the shadow. We make friends with our inner demons.  We face them with compassion, loving kindness and nurturance.  We practice tenderness. We practice being our best friends. We practice until we feel oneness in all and everything.

In our society, we are bombarded day in and out with extrasensory information. We are pulled out of ourselves and our center daily. Turning inward seems jolting. The landing is not always soft.  It’s easy to stay outside of these bodies looking at the pretty pictures, blinky lights and Facebook posts.  Yet, these temporal distractions can take up valuable real estate in our day and on our journey of expansion.

As I have moved classes into longer cool downs, seated poses and meditation as of late, I see the agitation, anger and frustration percolate to the surface. This is the purging process.  This comes from deep within the well of karmas.  Our ugliness needs to be seen and heard to transmute to beauty. We need to stop the “Spiritual Bypassing” and go deep beneath the surface and purge.

We are in the Age of Aquarius, we are raising the Kundalini energy of the planet and humankind. We are being called to burn through toxic karma, wounds, and ancestral patterning. We are being called to be subversives to the current paradigm.  We are here to raise our consciousness and spiral into the higher dimensions. It’s a huge responsibility, so let’s own it and purge!

I encourage you to take up practices that are inward reflecting and cleansing. I encourage you to spend time alone in silence to really see. I encourage you to sit in the shadows, cry and bang pillows against the floor to let out your rage and heal.  As challenging as it can be, it is more conscious than hiding and masking pain. The patterns of the past cannot be broken unless we spend time illuminating them.

We all have obstacles and suffering – that’s the path of being human.  We chose this Spiritual Warrior path and this time/space reality to expand and ascend. It’s time to stop beating ourselves up for our imperfections, shame, guilt, fear or anything that comes with being whom we are and what we’ve experienced.

We must love ourselves first and foremost with the utmost compassion that we can muster.   We must learn to love ourselves, our thoughts, words, emotions, bodies, minds and actions so unconditionally that nothing pulls us out of love. Let’s forgive, forget and keep on loving.

Then, we can truly share our hearts with one another and bring consciousness, peace and harmony to all that we touch.

Bowing humbly to the Goddess Mother Earth and all her beautiful beings! Sending you infinite love and light as this journey of awakening unfolds…