The Healing Power of Shamanic Drum Journeying

Dr. Michael Harner, the author of The Way of the Shaman, was an anthropologist that revived shamanic drum journeying as a practice in the West.  In this studies, he found that this practice was common to all shamans and cultures throughout history. He knew it was an important and potent practice and believed that anyone could practice this to create healing for themselves.

In traditional shamanic drum journeys, the shaman goes into an altered state of consciousness to journey to what’s called “non-ordinary” states of reality to retrieve information from spirit allies for healing.  Even if you are not a shaman you can still begin practicing entering non-ordinary states of reality and connecting with the Divine.  That is your birthright.

As a Yogi on a spiritual path of self-realization, when I was introduced to this practice it felt so beautifully aligned with my own meditation, coaching and visualization practices.  It’s my belief that we enter these altered states of reality using our imagination to connect to the Divine any time we meditate. Of course, as we are more practiced with meditation, energy work and other healing modalities we get deeper and more connected to these non-ordinary states.

In Shamanic journeys, a drum beat, rattle or another form of a click track are used to focus and relax the mind to an alpha or theta state.   When you are in this state the imagination can soar beyond into the non-ordinary realms, parallel universes and dimensions beyond space and time.

When you journey you are opening yourself up to connection with all living things on this planet Earth and other realms beyond what you know here. It’s a practice that reminds us of our infinite potentiality.  There is a sense of wholeness that returns in this remembrance as well as empowerment that comes from this.

In my experiences with Shamanic drum journeys I’ve recognized how its opened up my intuition as well as heightened other senses.  For example, if you are a visual person in your daily life, you may not see visuals in your journeys because that’s your dominant sensory input. You may start to experience an awakening and deepening in your listening or felt sense in your body.  This helps you become a stronger communicator.

The Shamanic drum journey has many healing benefits.  This practice is used to address 3 forms of illness in the Shamanic view:

1 – Loss of Power

2 – Loss of Soul Essence

3 – Blockages or negative energy taken on through the loss of power or soul essence.

When we travel to these other dimensions – called the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds – we can address these different forms of illness based on what spirit allies we connect with.

Typically we go to the Lower world first to retrieve power animals that can help us feel that innate power again and to reconnect with Nature spirits.  We can travel to the Middle World to address this physical dimension and communicate with the those that live in our present reality for healing.  And the Upper World is the ethereal world in which we can connect with guardian spirits, teachers in human form.

Some Other Benefits of Shamanic Drum Journeying:

  • Reclaim your power and soul essence.
  • Release negative thought patterns and reprogram your narratives.
  • Quick and direct access to Divine Spiritual Guidance.
  • Create transformation for yourself, others and the planet.
  • Experience harmony, balance and wake up to your highest potential.
  • Connect to the Natural worlds of plants, animals, trees and other aspects of the living realms.
  • Remembrance that everything in life has a Spirit.
  • Increase your intuition, senses and ability to communicate.

How do you start to practice shamanic drum journeys?

With any Shamanic Journey you want to start with an intention and move into a question that you wish to address within these realms.

There are drum tracks you can find online to start practicing. Sandra Ingerman has a beautiful book called “Shamanic Journeying” a beginners guide that includes a CD for practice.

You may also find Shamanic practitioners around your local area that guide these practices and local workshops.

As always, if you need any guidance or have any questions feel free to reach out.

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Blessings on your journeys,