The Surprising Benefits of Meditation

The Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Yoga is more than just physical exercise — it is also a millennia old practice that can lead an individual on a path to enriching spiritual growth.

Yoga is about the search for truth and meaning and the quest for contentment and wellbeing, stemming from an ancient Indian philosophy from the Vedic civilization. As women, we can tap into our breath, body, and passion through integrating the practice of yoga into our daily life through meditation.

We can empower ourselves as women through healing introspective work. Through non-traditional methods of healing like yoga and meditation, we can yield some surprising benefits.

Gaining a New Appreciation of Rest

As today’s woman is constantly busy in a fast-paced life with competing demands, the practice of yoga and meditation helps you slow down, clear your mind, and simply exist in the present.

Clearing the mind through meditation is essential for well-deserved rest and experiencing deep healing sleep. Such quality sleep helps your mind and body replenish and restore, preparing you to face the demands of tomorrow.

Remember though that meditation can often provide deeper rest than sleep itself, while harnessing more energy than sleep. Consider reiki energy healing meditation music during meditation time and rest to aid in your level of relaxation, assist in natural healing, and develop holistic well-being.

Becoming More Connected to Self

Being self aware is about understanding who you are and possessing self-knowledge that guides your life. Part of self-knowledge is being present enough to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, to the extent that you can identify and understand them.

Introspection is the key to healing and transformation. Listening to your body and being kind and gentle with your body is part of self-knowledge and self-love as well. Building self-awareness takes time and energy, so be patient with yourself and allow yourself time and practice to learn this daily discipline.

Clear your mind of racing thoughts, ruminations, and worries, and focus on the mind-body relationship. Use meditation to become more self-aware, leading to becoming a greater listener, a more compassionate person, and possessing a more adaptive mindset.

Generating Kindness

Forms of meditation can increase positivity through feelings and actions toward yourself and others.The loving-kindness meditation known as metta has to do with building self-esteem through first developing kind thoughts and loving feelings about yourself.

Through time and repetitive practice, these self-effacing skills can be applied toward others, to the point where you can even build loving-kindness thoughts and feelings toward enemies. This meditation helps you cultivate love, where you let it grow and spread toward others.

You can’t love others until you love yourself. It can be harder to accept and receive love than you think, especially from yourself. Try out a loving-kindness meditation technique today.

There is a deep, often untapped power in each of us as women that gives us personal insight and energy. Meditation helps us unlock these personal sources of life that help us lead more meaningful lives as women according to who we individually are.

Through meditation, we reap a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to the value you place on your rest, the value you place on yourself through self-care and self-knowledge, as well as cultivating the love you have for yourself as well as others.

Authored by:  Guest Blogger Laurie Larson. She is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on health and wellness topics to help others make the most out of their lives.

Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash