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{Free Meditation + Water Ritual} To Manage Fear of Change + The Unknown

Does this sound familiar to you?

…You want to trust in the flow of life, but there seems to be a boulder blocking your river of abundance.

…When someone tries to support you, you find it difficult to surrender, trust and let go.

…Your creative projects are at a standstill because you are not flowing.

…When change is on the horizon in your life, you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

…When you open yourself up to a partner, you can’t really ‘let your hair down’ because you have some feelings of guilt or shame in the way.

…You think to yourself, “OMG, that’s that same relationship pattern repeating itself.  Why do I always end up with these people?”

…You can’t access your emotions easily, or you can’t stop the damn that has broken and your emotions feel scary.

…Your libido is less than stellar and you can’t find ways to access pleasure.

These can be conditions/experiences present with a sexual chakra energy imbalance. 

This can be caused by:

  1. Disconnection with the Water element of flow,movement and change
  2. Early core wounds in your childhood experience with Masculine/Feminine energies outside of you + balance of your own masculine/feminine within
  3. Societal programming pressures around needing to have the ‘perfect’ relationship or fit a certain masculine/feminine archetype

What can you do to balance your energy system and heal your sexual center?

I am offering you a very simple practice today that can help you feel more purity in your body, detox some old emotional energy, and connect you with the water element and flow.

Qualities of the 2nd Chakra:

  • Water/Orange Color
  • Moon Element/Mamakia
  • Relates to your emotional body
  • Imbalances relate to issues with mother/father, balance of masculine and feminine energies (ying/yang), creativity, abundance, sexuality movement, healthy relationship to desire/needs
  • Shame
  • Fear around change/unknown

How do these qualities relate to me?

The unknown can feel scary. How do you manage it in times of life, relationship or career transition?

How do you leap and trust that the net will appear?

1.  First you need to get grounded, connected to the Earth and resourced from within. You need to remember that you are supported to fulfill your highest potential. You need to remember your “Why” – your right to be here!

2. Secondly, it’s important to connect to your sacral chakra’s energy of flow, water and the essence of “Who you Are” – your birthright to be YOU.

When you connect to your mission and your essence, you realize that there is a very divine blueprint that is within you. And part of the process of living your life’s mission is to surrender your pain and attachments and live in the now of listening.

The water energy relates to your emotional body and your ability to be fluid or not within. Emotions are energies much like water that are meant to move and transform. If you hold on to them with the stories of the past, you get stuck and rigid and start paddling upstream.

The sacral chakra is the dance of the Masculine + Feminine energies and your sexual life force energy. When you are balanced in the Yin/Yang, you will flow easier because you can access the appropriate energy to support the whole. You can be receptive and relaxed for creative inner guidance (yin) and take action and be motivated to produce (yang).

When your emotions get the best of you and you get trapped you can migrate into fear, shame, guilt and other lower frequencies that don’t support the knowing of life being for you. An imbalance in this chakra can show itself as fear of the unknown.

Here is very simple practice BELOW can help you cleanse, feel more purity in your body, detox some old emotional energy, and connect you with the water element of flow and trust.

Water Purification Ritual +  Meditation Practice (19 minutes)

  1. You can listen to this FREE meditation/lesson about the 2nd chakra from my dropbox HERE
  2. Take an Epsom salt bath* ( 2 cups/40 min). Could add essential oils. I like Citrus Bliss from doTerra for sacral.
  3. Connect with the purifying quality of the water
  4. Hydrate during and after. Then lather yourself with good oils to seal it all in.

*Epsom salts boost magnesium which regulates over 300 enzymes in your body. It reduces stress, eliminates toxins, pulls heavy metals. Reduces pain & inflammation. Helps regulate blood sugar.

If you like these processes, these are the types of tools that I might offer my clients during their highly customized 7- week Shamanic journey through each of their energy centers.

At each energy center we go through a variety of processes to find what is stuck at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritually) and work to move it through the system.

With this knowledge, we can deprogram and re-balance the energy centers for overall life balance.


Sex, Pleasure, Love – The Divine Feminine

I’m ecstatic about The Pleasure Path Program that I committed to with Violet Lange. So much resistance and uneasiness came up for me around committing my fiances and what I deserved for myself, hence knowing full well that this was exactly what I needed. Our first week focuses on Self-Love. I am out of practice!

Post-partum is defined as a short time frame after you give birth, but in all honesty from what I’ve seen with most women I know, its about two full years of adjustment time for the body, hormones and integration of the experience. I’m now ready to re-commit to myself and my I am undergoing a deep healing process.

What I am discovering around this process of working on the sexual center, womb space and stepping into my Divine Feminine is that I need to re-connect with the concept of pleasure, surrender, receptivity, desire, softening, gentleness, and kindness – the of the qualities that describe the Divine Feminine.

As a mom, I’ve been moving mostly from my masculine to provide stability, finances, structure and boundaries for Yeshua. These are all good and heralded parts of me, yet I’ve lost the fun, flirtatious, and feminine me.

The wounded and hurt part of me that I am seeking to explore starts in my maternal lineage around love and relationship with the masculine.  The patterns for centuries affects me as a woman and as a mother. I’m committed to breaking some deeply painful patterns that I am discovering. I am transmuting the energy into more understanding, compassion and love. These deeply painful patterns stem from a whole lineage of sexual, physical and verbal abuse as far back in my tree as I can see.

Around sex and pleasure,  I’m diving into old traumas and re-aligning with respect, dignity, and wholeness and creating a powerful flowering that will embrace my new body, strengthen my orgasms and honor my desires for more pleasure, intimacy and love in self-love/care and co-partnership relating.

I’ve been so incredibly emotional. I am crying like a river.  I think much needed to release the grief, sadness and disappointment from past traumas throughout my life and the suffering that many women in my lineage endured. It’s a lot to hold. Some days (my therapist named this for me, thank you)  I feel as if I’m drowning.  Yes, that is how I feel, and yet I know that I will come up for air.

I’m practicing loving kindness toward my self-criticism. Making a forward leap in backing down and seeing the “what is-ness” vs. the labeling of “good/bad” of my thoughts and process (more criticism).

I’m loving the meditation practices, visualizations, coaching and journaling that Violet is offering and her immaculate ability to hold space and coach her clients through hard times.  Thank you!!  When I was feeling extremely low, she offered me a few clearing exercises and I felt so supported in my ability to release.

I can tell this is going to be an epic and revealing journey for me.

These next two weeks are Self-Respect, power and boundaries and the infamous “Jade Egg”, as well as Self-Healing and connecting to our emotional states.

I’m so tantalized by this mysterious egg….stay tuned.;)


My journey to fully loving myself

Last month I revealed the depth of my grief, sadness, anger and pain. If you missed my blog, you can read it here.

I was recently told by an INCREDIBLE intuitive/astrologer/next level healer, James Hopson of Inspiring Health, that in my chart this is my biggest year for deep introspective and breakthrough healing work. Everything is pointing to this being a FULL YEAR’s worth of work. It’s like a Dark Night of the Soul time for me, and I have the BRIGHTEST torch, Yeshua, lighting the way.  My God, thank you!

This is all AWESOME on so many levels. I don’t shy away from this work in fact, I know – and what is continually being confirmed for me – is that this is the Heroine’s journey and its a journey of Self-Love. It’s an opportunity to fully dive into the core of my wounds, self-criticism and judgement. With compassion I must learn to hold my darkness with pure love, feel all my pain, and fully embrace and accept it all.  I am being challenged to face all my patterns that I thought were resolved around my childhood that couldn’t have been revealed fully until I became a parent.

I’ve been neglecting myself ever since I had Yeshua too on all levels, redirecting all my focus to him and having little help and time for me. After a few odd health situations as of late, I recognized how depleted and unwell I really am. I asked for help and Spirit delivered me a team of healers to my doorstep!

I’m finding out what my system has beneath the surface that could manifest in 5 – 10 years through the coolest biofeedback technology. In combination, Bill Quateman of Advanced BioCell is helping me to re-balance all my body’s systems, boost my immune system, re-calibrate all my minerals/vitamins and detox heavy metals. I get to re-set my system after my birth.  It’s the most insanely cool stuff!

Aside from that I’m working on sexual & womb healing with the most amazing pleasure coach, Violet Lange.  She’s also a survivor of sexual abuse and helps women to create passionate sex and intimate connection for incredible love! I’m doing this work to more fully embody my feminine, heal my womb post-partum, and have a deep felt sense of my Divine Feminine essence.

I am ready to let go of the remnants of shame, pain, self-hatred and judgement that maybe still lingering in the corners of my being that limit me in many areas of my life from finances to relationships. I am playing the role of the wounded healer in this moment to challenge myself to be vulnerable and open about all of it, as ugly as it may be.  I know that being open to this will be for the Greater Good and this will be the Surrender that I need to find that path to wholeness and sovereignty.

I plan to be softer.  I want to yield to my pain and emotions. I want to explore my dark side and learn to really love it and digest it. A lot of this work is actually ancestral cleanup. I know I’m doing the work for my parents and theirs. And I’m ready for that too and open to receive its lessons.

Come with me on my journey if it’s time for you to air your dirty laundry. Or, if it hurts to hold on to secrets, lies and illusions. It’s time for authenticity, truth, and accountability. It’s time for real love – to fully LOVE who you truly are – and love all your perceived flaws and limits.

I saw a great transformational speaker today, Barbara DeAngelis, and her talk was about stepping into the Temple of Love.  Her closing questions were these:

How can I bring more Love to _(insert any situation or person)?

How can I serve  _(this situation or person)_with more love?

So for now my insert will be me, Nicole.

And we’ll go from there.

P.S.You can watch my recent videos about my path HERE