How To Clear Toxic Relationships

I invite you to participate in a very powerful shamanic meditation process that will shift you out of the energy drain of a toxic relationship and help you forgive and reclaim your power.

Last year, I surveyed this newsletter list and I received some very interesting information about what you need and want.

One of the top challenges that you face is the need to clear toxic relationships, past lovers, and sexual shame.

As a survivor of sexual trauma, who harbored a lot of shame and guilt, I have first-hand experience of this process.

What I recognized during my own healing process is that the path to healing was to:

1) allow my anger/rage to surface
2) practice radical self-forgiveness
3) recognize the God-seed/Divinity in that human as your teacher

4) find appreciation for the teaching itself

In allowing your anger and rage to surface you unearth the toxic energies that are latent in your body. These emotions that we hold onto literally poison the body and create disease.

I love the practice of hitting a pillow or screaming in your car!

To practice radical self-forgiveness, in this meditation you will have the opportunity to speak your truth. To allow what was unsaid to be revealed.  This helps the mind to finish the process that was left incomplete. In this we don’t beat ourselves up for wishing something were different.

As part of this meditation, you will be asked to imagine into the Highest version of this person, the Higher Self, Soul, Divinity that exists in this person.

This powerful shamanic process maybe the first time that you are able to shift your perception to seeing and understanding the Divine teaching and the skills that you learned as a result of this relationship.

This is potent.

I’ve offered great results to my healing clients for a decade.

I have worked with hundreds of clients through pain and suffering.

I have seen instant results in my clients.

You can reclaim you personal power through this shamanic meditation.

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What would you do if you had permission?

What would you do if you had permission?

This is an interesting question that I find is coming up lately with my clients and my own personal work.

I have a client who is on her healing path and stuck in an old familial story of “I am different” or “weird”.  This story actually stems from way back in her lineage. Passed down from generations of people who came to the U.S. from overseas and looked different.

Even though she was born here, the need her parents had to ‘fit in’ continued as a pattern in the way she was parented.  She was told how to act, how to be, what she “should” do and how she “should” operate in this culture.

What’s interesting is that this exacerbated the Ego’s original story and created pressure to become an identity that is even more separate because its not authentic to her.

Now, she doesn’t even “know” who she is. (Her Higher Self does, or she wouldn’t be in my program.)

To me, this is awesome!  Truly, a beginner in life, as my intuitive healer James Stellar would say. To her, a bit scary.

In doing somatic body sensing meditations, Shamanic lineage deprogramming meditations and Shamanic Resourcing, we started to see a shift in her perspective.  Then I asked her, “What would you do if you had permission to do and be whomever you wanted?”.

That nearly shot her to the moon.

It was a revelation.  In that moment, she gave herself permission to be herself.

Recently, when I was on the phone with my life coach, I was having a lot of confusion around something in my business.  I had an intuitive hit that I needed something to shift, but I wasn’t taking action.  After a quick brainstorm with her, I received permission to make the shift.

Sometimes in life we just need to give ourselves permission. That simple word, can create a massive shift.

We get very caught up in comparison, contrast, perfection or the ‘shoulds’ that we are given.  We forget, or we weren’t taught, that we can actually change our perspective.  Permission overrides the Ego and helps us to drop in and trust ourselves.

Having the reflection of trusted mentors, coaches, teachers and community groups are wonderful for this reason.  When we can see ourselves in others and hear our desires reflected back to us through relationship, we actually see and understand things differently. It widens our perceptions.

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How can I forgive?

“How can I forgive this?”
That was something I have said to myself over and over again.
There are some things that have happened to me that seem irreparable, yet I have been able to forgive.
What I have learned over the years, is that you can’t change the past, but you can change your mind about it now in the present. 
How do you do that?
It’s become part of my life’s work and what I love to share with my clients.
Deepak Chopra helped me with this one a while ago when I was going through a breakup. He said, “Forgiveness is for me. Forgiveness sets you free.” 
The thing is, people make decisions based on their needs and their level of awareness at the time of an event.  That doesn’t always mean that its the best for you. Things can be unexpected.
Yet, if you hold on to these feelings of resentment from the past, you are just punishing yourself in the present.  The person that you are not forgiving isn’t walking around being punished by you because of your feelings, that’s happening to you.
Old stories formulate emotions. If they aren’t released and forgiven, then they can remain trapped in your mind-body system.  Each time the mind relives these stories, those same feelings can be elicited.  If we don’t release them, and forgive them, the negative beliefs can form “dis-ease” or disease in our bodies.
So why not give it up and let it go?
The best thing I’ve found about my forgiveness process is that when no stone is left unturned, you have so much freed up energy and no one to hide from. There is only beauty left in your life, friendships and love.
Rest assured the final say is with karma and God.
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Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit