Jan 2022 – Advanced Reiki III Training (Ashland Oregon)

Learn the power of long distance Reiki healing, crystal grids, auric cleansing, and deepen your reiki meditation. Create more powerful healing experiences through the attunement to the Master symbol. Will include attunement + practice session.

Saturday, January 22

Must have Reiki I + II plus 1-3 mos of practice & knowledge of symbols required.

What we will cover:

*The Usui Master symbol, and how to use it  to give Reiki treatments.
*Instructions for doing a Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind, expands consciousness and increases the strength of  one’s Reiki energy. This meditation can also be used to solve problems and achieve goals.
*How to use crystals and stones to send distant Reiki continuously and automatically.
*How to create a Reiki grid that can continuously send healing to many people, events and goals.
*Reiki Aura Clearing which has also been called Reiki Psychic Surgery is described that allows you to  quickly remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it up to be healed.
*A Reiki Moving Meditation is explained that helps one become more grounded, centered and energized.

EMAIL NicoleDohertyYoga@gmail.com for any questions.
$100 non-refundable DEPOSIT HOLDS YOUR SPACE.
Must pay total by class date.


The Temple of Sophia in Ashland Or, my private residential healing space. Address upon sign up.

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How to Serve from Authentic Love vs. Lack – The Shadow Behavior of the Rescuer

Mamas do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed, overextended, or frankly just burnt out? Like, OMG, there are so many moving parts and balls in the air with family, kids, and career?😫

I really resonate with that as a mom and entrepreneur. 😉

For a while I was really struggling juggling both.

When I started a new level of deep shadow work something shifted for me.

I learned that I was a classic Rescuer, also known as the people-pleaser, sometimes called the over-achiever.

I didn’t see this shadow aspect in myself back then, but when it was pointed out by a mentor, I saw how it was playing out in my life as a mother and co-parent.

I would give to the detriment of my own health and well-being. I would bend over backwards for other needs instead of my own. I would please others because I didn’t fully value myself and I didn’t want to disappoint by saying no.

There was a real cost in these unconscious behaviors like exhaustion, enabling others to not show up for me, and sickness.

I was so used to saying yes to everything and doing all of it, so I didn’t often ask for support and if someone did it felt burdensome so I would deny it anyway.

Thank God I learned about this ego behavior and how to transform it to create healthy boundaries and to love myself more.

The last few years I dove really deep so I could teach this to the women in my Unleash the Priestess programs because I see how prevalent this way of being is in our society. Women typically place themselves last.

In working with the Rescuer role, I teach women how to get really good at catching their subconscious habits and watching themselves with objective awareness.

When they practice this with compassion, they experience real changes that benefit themselves and their families.

I teach women how to create a daily sadhana that’s non-negotiable so they can receive the love that is their birthright.

I teach women how to create structure, discipline, accountability, self-responsibility and time management so they can create efficiencies and stretch time.

I teach women how to live a full life that’s more balanced and centered in self-love.

If you would like to learn more about this shadow work, join the conversation with other women doing this deep shadow work to illuminate it and reclaim your feminine power.❤️

Join our Facebook Community, The Priestess Within Sisterhood #unleashthepriestess and check out the 4-part series we just completed on Shadow work with my mentor of these teachings, Deanna Larkins.  She’s the owner of Emerge Hot Yoga Studio in Ashland and of Emerge Spiritual Studies.

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50% Savings on Wellness Services * Holiday Special * Ashland Locals * Earth Conscious Gifting


One of my teachers Michael Bryan Baker always says…”wouldn’t you want to keep money and power in the hands of those that use it for the greater good?”

Could we generate prosperity in a way that felt good for our soul’s, enriches our families and raises consciousness?

As an Ashland local you receive special holiday pricing when booking any Self-Empowerment Service (marked down 50% ) during the week from November 25 – December 2nd.

You must book and pay during this week, but you have 6 months (or whomever you gift) to complete the service.

If you are gifting it to someone, I can create a holiday gift certificate.


(In addition to loving more freely, forgiveness, hugs for your inner child, phone calls + visits to loved ones!)

Meditation for Stress
Manage Change + The Unknown
Womb healing – Live from the Den
Lower Chakra Clearing
Upper Chakra Clearing

For more meditations, here is my CODE for $25 off a subscription for YOGA WAKEUP APP which I have several meditations on for as little as: $6.99/mo. ($2 off).

$Donation God’s Breath of Life – Medicine Music
$5 AMRITA Album of Chants for the Soul


These services are all marked down 50% off for Ashland Locals!

$25    Guided Meditation (30 min) Value $50
$40    Chakra Clearing + Chanting Meditation (45 min)  Value $75
$50    Guided Meditation + Pranayama (1 Hour) Value $100
$75    Private Yoga (1 hour); Value $150
$88    Private Yoga + Pranayama (1.5 hours) Value $175
$100  Breathwork + Sacred Reiki Healing Session (1.5 hours); Value $200
$125   Spiritual Counseling/Coaching (1 Hour) Value $250
$175  Deposit for Online Women’s Group Empowerment Coaching Program – 3  Months
Jan – March total is $347 until 12/15; or $697 after Dec 15

Contact me for further information. Many details of these services can be found here on my website.

I take Venmo (no fees) or  Square/Credit (3.5% fee).

Please email me: nic@nicoledoherty.com. Or text me: 415-378-8547


The Fires of Awakening

Today the sun is an orange glow through the smoke filled sky here in Ashland, Oregon. The earth is raging with her fires in the forests and cities of California and Oregon for over three weeks now.

There is a feeling of fear that crests daily as the fires leap from one mountain to the next. I can’t help but recognize this call to awaken to what is priority.

It’s nothing new that the earth purges, destroys and regenerates.  But it is fairly new that we’ve woken up from our long collective deep sleep to the revelation that the outer world is simply a reflection of our inner one.  We have become so separated, isolated and controlled in our  environments over time that we have forgotten our role as children of this earth and that she’s a reflection of deep healing work.

If I zone out while playing with my 2.5 year old son, he will turn to me and say loudly, “WAKE UP!”. In that moment, I laugh and snap back into presence.  It feels as if our Mother Earth is asking the same of us.  To get present, pay attention and go within.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. The whole Universe rests within us.

Can we look at the smoke as a reflection of the cloudiness that rests within us at this time in our collective?

Can we see the fires representing the powerful agni energy within and the tapas, or the heat, that is needed to purify ourselves? 

Can we see the fires as energy that transforms and dismantles the old structures and ways of our past? 

Can we see the force of Shiva, the destroyer, as the energy of momentum offering rebirth and new beginnings? 

Does it feel like things in your life are in chaos and you can’t see a way out?

Let go. As things disintegrate, its a ripe time for creation, prioritizing what’s important and growth.

As a survivor of a fire that burned down my apartment in 2006 and left me with pretty much the shirt on my back, I certainly didn’t understand the beauty in it for a good solid month.  At the time when it happened, I was not present in my life.  Then, the smoke cleared when I went to the place that is famous for burning down things just built – Burning Man.  It was there and then that I was able to see the absolute gift and magic of my fire, and the ways that my life would shift as a result of that experience.

I was humbled to my knees in a new found understanding of presence and priorities.  Only months later I knew that I had received enormous gifts.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I received a brand new life and opportunities that my Higher Self was begging for, yet my lower self was stuck in conditioned behavior.  What I received was a greater sense of health, community, love, support, and a deeper connection to my yoga practice. It also created space for one of my most significant relationships to come into my life.

In the end, it was a true blessing and a total wake up call that needed to happen for me.

And this is not to discount those that have  been affected and devastated by the fires. I send you and offer you love and support through an extremely challenging time often fraught with pain and suffering. Yet to help direct you to the larger plan that’s at work, what are you creating space for?

Today I invoke the fires (anger, rage, fear) within to be transmuted and released so that I can create.  Today I dream awake the destruction of the limits that I place around my heart so I can love more fully. Today I establish a deeper connection with you, my Earth Mother, by asking for forgiveness for the ways that I’ve taken advantage of you or have been mistreating you. Today I clear the smoke in my own being, as I trust myself and my purpose even more. Today, I ask for great purging and healing for the planet and the collective, so that we may live in more peace and harmony. Today, I imagine dropping deeper into the Great Mystery.

How are you being called by the fires of awakening?

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.