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When will you commit to yourself? 4 Simple Starters!

When will you commit to yourself?

How many times have you asked yourself this before?

You know how much better you feel when you commit to your practices, yet that’s the hardest thing to commit to.

What excuses do you observe ‘get in the way’ of your healthy habits like meditation, yoga, exercise, eating well, etc?

How is it that you know what is good for you, yet you do the bare minimum to get by?

What’s the best excuse you come up with?

As a Shamanic Empowerment Coach, my job is to empower people to commit to themselves and their well being.

Most people come to an empowerment coach not because they aren’t able to commit to external things (job, relationship, family), but rather because they have a tough time committing to the internal process of loving themselves.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book to prevent people from doing good things for themselves.

The most common I hear is “I’m too busy with _______(work, family, travel, kids, etc)”.

This excuse promotes that life is completely out of your control and that you have no say in your life.

Sometimes this means, “I don’t have the skills to prioritize my life.”

Other times this means, “I’m alone and I can’t ask for help.”

Or it could mean, “I need to feel important because I don’t feel good about myself.”

Or, better yet, “I don’t prioritize me.”

In the end, almost any excuse for not practicing your self-care really means, “I don’t truly love and care for myself.”

What’s your belief system around others that care for themselves?

I hear you saying things like that person is ‘selfish’, ‘lazy’ or ‘clearly not busy enough’ when you see them leave work at 5p and go to the gym.

I feel you getting jealous of others who dance in the fields, play in the woods, and sip coffee on the porch overlooking the mountain view.

I see you get mad at your partner when he goes out for a run and you are taking care of dinner.

You are judging and are in fact are upset that you didn’t set time aside for you.

What will it take for you to put yourself first? When will you finally commit to yourself?

What you don’t realize is that when you take care of yourself first, you will have more energy and love to go around.

When you fill your cup with prayer, meditation, affirmations, gratitude and self-care practices, you will have more patience and generosity available for others.

When you get clear on your priorities that fulfill your life, then your happiness is contagious and magnifies in others.

As your realize your dreams and actualize your visions, everyone around you benefits.

You don’t have to do it alone. Enroll, enlist, share and integrate your self-love and self-care practices into your life to include others and make it fun!

What’s stopping you from committing to yourself?

The next time you opt out from you, ask yourself what’s in the way.

Can you commit to yourself NOW?

Here’s 4 simple starters!

1. Notice your emotions and thoughts when you are NOT practicing self-care.

When you are not choosing  YOU notice your emotions. What old stories, wounds, and habits are stopping you from loving yourself? What “can’t” you do and why?

2. In the moment, CHOOSE LOVING YOU!

What will bring you (and ultimately others) more love right now?

3. Prioritize.

What’s really important?  What will make you more happy in the present and can the other things wait?

4. Schedule your self-care.

You book appointments for everything else, why not for yourself? Make non-changeable, non-negotiable commitments/appointments for YOU to meditate, exercise and fill your cup.

Bonus Tip:  Have fun!!  Your life is yours to have and do what you will with it! 

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{Free Meditation + Water Ritual} To Manage Fear of Change + The Unknown

Does this sound familiar to you?

…You want to trust in the flow of life, but there seems to be a boulder blocking your river of abundance.

…When someone tries to support you, you find it difficult to surrender, trust and let go.

…Your creative projects are at a standstill because you are not flowing.

…When change is on the horizon in your life, you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

…When you open yourself up to a partner, you can’t really ‘let your hair down’ because you have some feelings of guilt or shame in the way.

…You think to yourself, “OMG, that’s that same relationship pattern repeating itself.  Why do I always end up with these people?”

…You can’t access your emotions easily, or you can’t stop the damn that has broken and your emotions feel scary.

…Your libido is less than stellar and you can’t find ways to access pleasure.

These can be conditions/experiences present with a sexual chakra energy imbalance. 

This can be caused by:

  1. Disconnection with the Water element of flow,movement and change
  2. Early core wounds in your childhood experience with Masculine/Feminine energies outside of you + balance of your own masculine/feminine within
  3. Societal programming pressures around needing to have the ‘perfect’ relationship or fit a certain masculine/feminine archetype

What can you do to balance your energy system and heal your sexual center?

I am offering you a very simple practice today that can help you feel more purity in your body, detox some old emotional energy, and connect you with the water element and flow.

Qualities of the 2nd Chakra:

  • Water/Orange Color
  • Moon Element/Mamakia
  • Relates to your emotional body
  • Imbalances relate to issues with mother/father, balance of masculine and feminine energies (ying/yang), creativity, abundance, sexuality movement, healthy relationship to desire/needs
  • Shame
  • Fear around change/unknown

How do these qualities relate to me?

The unknown can feel scary. How do you manage it in times of life, relationship or career transition?

How do you leap and trust that the net will appear?

1.  First you need to get grounded, connected to the Earth and resourced from within. You need to remember that you are supported to fulfill your highest potential. You need to remember your “Why” – your right to be here!

2. Secondly, it’s important to connect to your sacral chakra’s energy of flow, water and the essence of “Who you Are” – your birthright to be YOU.

When you connect to your mission and your essence, you realize that there is a very divine blueprint that is within you. And part of the process of living your life’s mission is to surrender your pain and attachments and live in the now of listening.

The water energy relates to your emotional body and your ability to be fluid or not within. Emotions are energies much like water that are meant to move and transform. If you hold on to them with the stories of the past, you get stuck and rigid and start paddling upstream.

The sacral chakra is the dance of the Masculine + Feminine energies and your sexual life force energy. When you are balanced in the Yin/Yang, you will flow easier because you can access the appropriate energy to support the whole. You can be receptive and relaxed for creative inner guidance (yin) and take action and be motivated to produce (yang).

When your emotions get the best of you and you get trapped you can migrate into fear, shame, guilt and other lower frequencies that don’t support the knowing of life being for you. An imbalance in this chakra can show itself as fear of the unknown.

Here is very simple practice BELOW can help you cleanse, feel more purity in your body, detox some old emotional energy, and connect you with the water element of flow and trust.

Water Purification Ritual +  Meditation Practice (19 minutes)

  1. You can listen to this FREE meditation/lesson about the 2nd chakra from my dropbox HERE
  2. Take an Epsom salt bath* ( 2 cups/40 min). Could add essential oils. I like Citrus Bliss from doTerra for sacral.
  3. Connect with the purifying quality of the water
  4. Hydrate during and after. Then lather yourself with good oils to seal it all in.

*Epsom salts boost magnesium which regulates over 300 enzymes in your body. It reduces stress, eliminates toxins, pulls heavy metals. Reduces pain & inflammation. Helps regulate blood sugar.

If you like these processes, these are the types of tools that I might offer my clients during their highly customized 7- week Shamanic journey through each of their energy centers.

At each energy center we go through a variety of processes to find what is stuck at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritually) and work to move it through the system.

With this knowledge, we can deprogram and re-balance the energy centers for overall life balance.

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What about you is toxic?

“I am not smart enough.”

If you have been reading these blogs you probably have heard something similar, “I’m not good enough”.  This was my story, as part of another story.

Many of us walk around with what are called “toxic traits” coined by David Simon in his book, “Free to Love. Free to Heal.”
Our consumer society thrives off of these beliefs so that it can sell you more things to help you “improve” who you are.
You are too wrinkly…buy this cream!
You are too fat…freeze if off!
You are too frumpy…buy this purse!
The fact is if we learn to really love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, we don’t really need much. 

When we don’t need much we also start living in harmony with Earth. We recognize in Shamanism the concept of sacred reciprocity or ‘ayni’ which means living in harmony with the Earth and not creating a ton of waste. When you love yourself, you start to recognize the importance of loving all beings that we are connected with.

When you are in your story, you are in Ego and in resistance with life. When I was in this “I’m not smart enough” story,  I would let other people’s opinions supersede my own truths, considering I wasn’t smart enough to hold my own. It kept me inert for a long time and got me in trouble.
The blessing in this story as I look back was that I overachieved to compensate for “not being smart enough” and pursued information like an addiction which is now how I can share the wisdom I hold. 
And now, because I have healed this story, I pursue information not to gain approval from anyone, but to share wisdom in the service of other beings’ healing process.
Find out what toxic traits you still hold about yourself.  And see how these are playing out in your life. If you don’t know, sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess session and find out. Click Here 
The thing is… if you want to lose weight, you don’t run around telling yourself how bad you are, what you lack and how ugly you are and then expect results.
Accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is the key to positive change. 
When I work with my Shamanic Empowerment Coaching clients we get to a place of understanding, gentleness and care with the Self.  We set up self-care practices.  We learn to love ourselves like we would love a child. Then, we can start to see results.
Stop abusing and criticizing yourself and see what happens.

Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit
Young woman yawning, close up

My mom drives me crazy.

“My mom drives me crazy!”
How many times have you said this to yourself?
As a new mom, I cringe at the thought of my son saying this about me, but the fact is mom’s push our buttons.
And the other fact is, children push ours.
I don’t know a single person that I see in my healing & coaching practice that hasn’t had issues with their parents.
Isn’t that the Divine design really?
I believe that we choose our parents.  We chose a particular point in time and space to incarnate upon the planet.  And as karma would have it, your mom and dad were two people that you knew could offer you the lessons that would evolve your soul.
But we forget this.
You will spend a lot of time blaming and accusing your parents for all your stuff.
The point is this, just like coaching, the Universe can’t just give you the answers, or you don’t embody and learn the lessons. So you need to live it so you can be empowered.
Isn’t that brilliant?
God’s the ultimate life coach!
In Monday’s note I mentioned that we are programmed in our early years. We create belief systems about ourselves, then we create evidence, or experiences, that match what we think about ourselves to corroborate our stories.
What are your parents still doing to you? 😉 What do you need to forgive and move past so you can live your life? What stories do you hold on to from the past?
I’m happy to help you get over your parents — sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess session. I promise it will not be like talking on the phone with your mom. Click Here